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International marriage agency canada


There are many international dating and matchmaking agencies. Some are face-to-face while others are on the Internet.

Their role is to connect people from different countries and cultures together in dating and marriage relationships. If you are thinking of using this type of service, take into consideration this important legal information. International dating and matchmaking agencies are not necessarily regulated in Canada.

They often operate outside of Canada.

This means that they may not be bound by Canadian laws. Canadian authorities immigration officials, police, courts, lawyers have no control over these agencies and what they are doing.

This makes it difficult for Canadian authorities to help if problems arise.

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The duties that these agencies have to their clients generally fall under contract law meaning that they cannot break the signed agreement or contract both they and you signed and within general criminal law prohibitions to not commit a crime. So if the agency did not breach either of these duties, they usually have no further legal obligations to their clients. These agencies do not guarantee that you and your husband will be happily married for International marriage agency canada long time or that your husband-to-be is telling the truth.

For example, your husband-to-be told you that he was very wealthy and owned a large home. Once you came to Canada, you found out that this was not the case at all.

He was actually unemployed and living in a rented apartment. In such a case, you likely have no legal recourse against the agency because they often make no promises as to the accuracy of any information given by their clients.

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Even if a dating or matchmaking agency breaks the law, proving that still rests on you and this can be a very expensive and slow process. You would have to hire lawyers and pay for all the expenses and time spent trying to solve the problem. It is your International marriage agency canada to be aware of your rights and obligations. International Dating and Matchmaking Agencies.

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Who Does the Law Apply To?

Who makes the law? Match Me Canada is a personalized matchmaking service dedicated to helping Match Me Canada's success is not accidental.

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