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Bongani gumede wife sexual dysfunction


THE SABC's glamorous weather presenter, Patience Dlamini, was left with shattered dreams of walking down the aisle with her Durban boyfriend, Bongani Gumede, after her church ruled it could not marry her.

Dlamini 30 is a Jehovah's Witness and according to her church, a marriage between Bongani gumede wife sexual dysfunction and divorced Gumede cannot be sanctioned. Her church stipulates that a man can only re-marry if he divorced because of his wife's infidelity or if he is widowed.

Gumede's ex-wife is however, very much alive and their divorce in was not based on infidelity. Dlamini told City Press this week that they were forced to call Bongani gumede wife sexual dysfunction their wedding planned for next month after church elders ruled against them.

But he refused to discuss his reasons for returning to her. He did however, confirm his plans to marry Dlamini had been cancelled for "scriptural" reasons. Gumede's ex-wife, Jabu Ngcobo, who is also a Jehovah's Witness, confirmed that the church refused to approve her ex-husband's marriage to Dlamini.

You can only re-marry if the other partner is dead or if the other partner had committed adultery, which is not the case here," said Ngcobo.

Ngcobo said that she divorced Gumede because of "bedroom problems". She would not however, elaborate on this. She also dismissed rumours that the wedding was cancelled because she and Gumede had reconciled. We are doing it for the sake of our children.

Otherwise I don't care who Gumede marries because I'm through with him,"said Ngcobo. Dlamini told City Press she had never dated a man before, and that Gumede had been her first boyfriend. She met him at a church function in Durban. I'm declining their offer because I want a man who fears God, and who does not smoke or drink," said Dlamini. Dlamini's colleague, Jabu "weatherman" Sithole, told City Press the ebony beauty was indeed constantly harassed by men.

Seriously, I feel bad for this couple. I know that a lot of people on this board have had the wonderful JW experience of being "not scripturally free. Of course, you've got to wonder "Bongani gumede wife sexual dysfunction" things got as far as they did. Didn't they know the Witness rules on the subject? Seems odd to me. But then again, here in the US, most Witnesses have grown up in the religion, so they usually know the rules on practical Bongani gumede wife sexual dysfunction like that.

If this couple had only been Witnesses a short period of time, then maybe they hadn't learned the Talmud yet. Doesn't justify the Witnesses' ridiculous rules in any case, of course. It just strikes me as odd.

What strikes me as odd is that the elders had to know they were dating and engaged Chaperones, going to meetings together, etc. People don't just up and marry, unless you are me of course. The ex-wife will get in trouble for her comments now! I am thru with him? Yes, good submissive wife. The WTS has a loophole called "absolute spiritual endangerment. They are Watchtowerly "scripturally" free to marry under these conditions.

Farkel, who's furiously reading the scriptures to try to find out where Jesus mentions "absolute spiritual endangerment. I've actually known an elder who was adulterous and his wife devorced him then he remarried while still remaining an elder.

Leonard Ncube Victoria Falls Reporter...

It seems these dubs make up their own rules whenever it's convenient. I'm a little rusty on my Watchtower-ology, but I seem to remember that "absolute spiritual endangerment" was a reason according to WTS doctrine for separation -- not divorce. Even so, like Farkel said -- it's a convenient and lazy-ass and sorry excuse for elders to side with someone they like and break up a marriage. I find it stunning that these South African JW's didn't seem to have a clue Bongani gumede wife sexual dysfunction their own religion's rules about divorce and remarriage.

I knew those things when I was a year-old kid going to the Kingdom Hall. One can only imagine what these bedroom problems were, ah, how about no oral sex maybe?

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If you get married you should try to make things work but enough is enough, just end it if no one is happy-end the game. The "offending" spouse gets lonely. Has a little whoopie. The braindead dub spouse who caused the problem in the first place sanctioned and even encouraged by WTS leaders yells "adultery! YOU committed the adultery.

I can now "scripturally divorce you. Sign up Sign in.

Gumede has since decided to try to patch things up with his ex-wife. Although they now see each other, the couple do not live together. Since her breakup with Gumede, Dlamini says she is parrying off the men.

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