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Lyft without smartphone


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Please take our quick 6 questions! Wondering how to request an Uber or Lyft ride without a smartphone?

We know not everyone has a smart phone, and it can be a simple process to request a ride from your mobile or desktop browser as well. Keep in mind, in order to request either an Uber or Lyft you still need a valid phone number, it just does not have to be a smartphone.

To request a Lyft ride from your browser, first enter your phone number through this website https: Lyft will send a Lyft without smartphone to your phone with a code.

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Then, you can simply enter your pickup location and destination through the online browser. After you request your ride, the process is similar to how it would be with the Lyft app on your smartphone. Keep your cell phone close, as Lyft will text with any important updates.

You can also track the driver through the browser you used to request the ride. Keep in mind, right now Lyft only supports original Lyft or Lyft Plus requests through a browser. They are working on bringing other services such as Lyft Line and Premier to mobile web eventually! The process for requesting an Uber from your mobile browser is similar to Lyft. After entering the phone number attached to your Uber account, Uber will automatically prompt "Lyft without smartphone" to enter your pickup location and final destination.

Like Lyft, only certain Uber services are currently available to be requested through the mobile web browser. A smartphone is a phone with internet access. You do not need a smartphone to receive a text message. I am just surprised people still don't have a smartphone. Even my 84 year old grandparents have iPhones.

The person I am researching this for has a cell on a local seniors program which only offers flip phones. I'm happy that you and your grandparents can afford that; I cannot.

I'm surprised you're a asshole by being so closed minded about people that can not afford a smar phone or chose not to. What if you only have a landline? I'm sick of all this discrimination against people without Lyft without smartphone phones.

There was an article on this. If you buy Comcast Triple Play the landline is included. We have three remote phones in the house plus the Lyft without smartphone phone.

I work for GoGoGrandparent and I would encourge you to at least call to check it out! If you don't own a smartphone, perhaps you shouldn't be using ubers and lyfts. I mean, what's the point? The convenience is completely gone. The secret sauce may be in the fact they cater to the older generation? Anone else having trouble with the Lyft order online? I keep getting this message after I have put in my phone number and have confirmed my email address:.

The requested URL was not found Lyft without smartphone the server.

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If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again. My 70 year old mother still uses a flip phone, a landline, does not own a computer or have internet BY CHOICE so quit Lyft without smartphone on the 'older generation'. I am my mothers Google and I love it, we connect about a whole bunch of topics becasue of this. She doesnt use her cell phone for talking. And I have sat at a kitchen table with her and had her pull out her phone! But seriously can anyone help out with the above question??

I have never experienced this issue. Have you tried contacting Lyft? Going to this URL seems to work for me. When does the error display for you? I live in a canyon in the Colorado mountains yes, it's gorgeous and I wouldn't live anywhere else and cell phones do not work in the canyon.

I only use my cell phone when I come down to the "city" and have a landline at home. As for getting a "taxi" we have no taxi service up there but we do have Uber drivers. Hence, if my vehicle won't start and I have to have it towed into our local small town auto repair shop and I need a ride to pick it up after it is fixed, my only alternative is Uber or one of my neighbors, all of whom work in the city and are gone most of the day.

And while some of my neighbors are totally off the grid, I do have a computer, satellite internet service and wifi. It's a matter of location, location, location. I used to live in San Bernardino Valley, and while everyone thinks Lyft without smartphone part of LA which it isn't and urban which it isthe cell phone has horrible reception in many areas. I assume that hasn't really changed. This was a few years ago but there was Uber, Lyft without smartphone I never dared to try it.

I also heard from a buddy that he had an incident in fact, multiple incidents where the driver dropped Lyft without smartphone off at his house, but the driver literally couldn't complete the ride in the app. I didn't want to deal with that. I have known many people who don't carry smartphones. I still carry a dumbphone and people laugh at me that I have a "burner phone", but I am proud of it. I feel like more people seem to have abandoned smartphones in Lyft without smartphone past few years, because I am starting to run into more and more people.

They aren't technological inept or handicapped. They all have laptops and ipads at home and work. They just didn't want to be bothered while in transit, in public, out with family, etc.

Lyft launched a new developer...

Another way that could be considered is having a friend with a smartphone request a trip for you. The Lyft without smartphone can only communicate with the smartphone owner, but the owner can always call the rider's phone. An excellent example of this is a boyfriend paying for a ride for his "girlfriend" to be delivered to his address. It becomes a problem if the rider is in a crowd and I am looking for Adam when I am picking up Eve.

We actually put together a pretty detailed guide to requesting an Uber or Lyft without a smartphone. I'll summarize the different ways you can do it in this post, but check out our full guide to learn more, including step by step tutorials:.

Whether your smartphone is dead, or you don't own one, there are a couple different ways this can be accomplished. As you can see, there are a couple different ways to request a ride without a smartphone. Obviously, they're a little more complicated then just pulling out your smartphone and pressing a few buttons, but whether your smartphone phone is dead, or you Lyft without smartphone have one at all, you can still get a Lyft without smartphone. Username or email address.

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Has any drivers out there received an Email to join Lyft's Snow Team? Was this around last year or is it new? Lyft To request a Lyft ride from your browser, first enter your phone number through this website https: Uber The process for requesting an Uber from your mobile browser is similar to Lyft.

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