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My boyfriend is joining the navy


Dating someone in any branch of the military can be difficult. The travel, the communication, the strain on the relationship, and trying to understand their world, can only complicate matters further.

Maybe you are just starting out dating each other, or maybe you are experiencing being without him for the first timed due to a post or a deployment.

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Learning how to communicate effectively, how to help your significant other with the separation, and how to help yourself with the distance may make all the difference. Ser a Namorada de um Marinheiro. Expert Co-Authored Why choose wikiHow? When you see the green expert checkmark on a wikiHow article, you can trust that it has been carefully reviewed by a qualified expert. He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in Ask about how to contact him.

Your sailor may have many ways in which you can contact him or he may only have a few.

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Know the different methods to talk with your boyfriend and which one you should use for what situation. He probably has more than one email address, a civilian one and a military one. He may also have a mailing address and a phone number you could use. Talk with him about the best way to keep in contact. If there is a phone number, it may be something you should only use for true emergencies, or something he can call out from My boyfriend is joining the navy you cannot call in to.

He may only have access to their military email, especially if he is on a ship, and his connection may be unreliable. Getting mail such as handwritten letters and care packages may take significantly longer to get to him then you might think. You may begin to notice your sailor using words, phrases, or abbreviations you don't understand. Being in the military comes with its own culture and a language shift, with different branches of the military having different dialects to some extent.

If he says something you don't understand, ask him what it means or do your own research. You may run into the following categories: Staying in contact is an important part to maintaining your emotional connection and coping with the time apart. Each contact does not have to be lengthy, but the more regularly you are in contact the easier it will be to stay up to date with each other's lives. The frequent communication that is required to maintain a long distance relationship may result in a stronger bond than a traditional face-to-face relationship.

Try not to get discouraged. There are rules about what your sailor can talk about or even post on social media, and some of "My boyfriend is joining the navy" rules apply to you too. Figure out what the rules are for your sailor and his posts by asking him for guidelines.

Fellow sailors such as names and ranks of the individuals.

Ok, my boyfriend and I...

Flight dates or time. Respect that he may not be able to tell you everything. Just like following the rules for what you tell everyone else, there may be some rules your sailor has to follow about what he can or cannot share with family.

There is a large security component to what service members do in every branch of the military.

If there is something that he cannot tell you, trust that he is not doing it to hide something from you, but that he is just doing his job. Know that your communications may not be private or reliable.

It is hard to deal with methods of communication that are unreliable and schedules that may get in the way. Additionally, talk with your sailor about the processing your communications go through before reaching him. Find out if the communications are subject to search or screening, and consider who might see what you My boyfriend is joining the navy sending.

This will help you decide what pictures to send if you want to include pictures, or what should go into a care package. Will packages be opened before they make it to you and searched for anything? Will letters be opened before you receive them?

Does anyone screen the emails? Is there anything I shouldn't do or shouldn't send you? Address any conflicts that arise. Even though you do not see your significant other every day, you might still have problems now and then that you will need to resolve. The best way to resolve a conflict over a distance is to talk about it openly and try to come to a collaborative resolution.

Your significant other might have had a valid reason or he might have simply forgotten. To resolve the conflict, you might suggest a solution, such as deciding on a more convenient time for your significant other to call you. Be sure to pay attention to cues on the phone that your significant other might be upset about something, such as staying silent or being less talkative than usual. You might address this by saying something like, "You're being more quiet than usual, are you upset or mad at me?

Encourage your sailor as much as possible. It's going to be a stressful time for you both. You can help your sailor through it by listening My boyfriend is joining the navy him and encouraging him. With your support, he may be able to refocus, continue on, and hopefully return the encouragement along the way when you are struggling. Talk to him about how proud you are of him and what he is doing. If he is worried about the relationship, talk about how it is tough but that you will be so much stronger as a couple for going through it.

Help him come up with a detailed plan of action for whatever problem or goal he is having. Keep focused on the future. There may be days where your sailor loves what he is doing, but there also may be some days where he is unhappy. If you are facing a deployment or trying to make it through boot camp, make plans for what you want to do when he gets home.

If you My boyfriend is joining the navy waiting until his next leave, have a creative countdown until the next time you can see each other. Depending on his assignments, commands, or duties, your sailor's ability to communicate with you or take My boyfriend is joining the navy may change with short notice.

They are also limited to where they can go, where they will be stationed, or how much free time they have on any certain duty. Try and remain flexible to My boyfriend is joining the navy with stress levels and expectations in your relationship.

If he is deployed, know that his deployment length will depend on where is he deployed, what type of vessel he is deployed on, and his assignment or command. He may have to stand duty for a certain amount of days at a time, meaning he may not to have a Monday through Friday work week.

Your ability to see them, how long you can see them, or where you two can connect may be different depending on the status of your relationship married, engaged, or dating. His command may be on land or on a ship. Put yourself in his shoes. As you are both working through this difficult time, practice shifting your perspective and imagining what he might be going through.

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