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This wonderful image shows the resplendent spiral galaxy NGC suspended in the inky blackness of space. This "Swiss Army knife" of an instrument is able to study a variety of astronomical objects in many different "Naked old nudist" -- as well as being capable of producing beautiful images like this one.

The sensitive gaze of FORS2 revealed NGC 's spiral arms, strewn with vast streams of dust and star-forming regions, and a prominent disc of hot young stars. The galaxy is inclined towards Earth, allowing astronomers to peer right into the heart of this galaxy and observe its bright centre, a highly energetic region containing a supermassive black hole. Also shown is NGC 's outlying spiral structure, some of which appears to have been stretched outwards from the Naked old nudist, presumably due to the gravitational influence of a past galactic encounter.

NGC certainly has many galactic neighbours.

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Lying approximately 65 million light years from Earth, the galaxy is part of the NGC group, which also contains the well-known interacting Antennae Galaxies. This group is part of the larger Crater Cloud, which is itself a smaller component of the Virgo Naked old nudist, the titanic collection of galaxies that hosts our own Milky Way galaxy.

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NGC is not the only interesting feature captured in this image. As well as several foreground stars from our own galaxy, the Milky Way, FORS2 also captured a rogue asteroid streaking across the sky, visible as the faint line towards the top of the image.

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