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People afraid of commitment


Humans are a proud species, and we continuously strive for meaning and purpose for our own lives in such a capacity that it can be considered vain.

Of course one must be careful, but you should still take risks and allow yourself to be vulnerable — even if you wind up being wrong about that person, at least you did your part. Checklists are for grocery shopping, not people, and we have to limit the effect of third party applications on our lives.

Everyone gets burned at some...

To put it simply, if you like it, then do it! Have you done this only to find yourself back at that store hours, days, or weeks later, buying or missing out on that exact same thing?

Commitment — either in relationships...

People tend to be over-dramatic and in western society, complaining is unequivocally the most prominent method of conversing. Complaining is like the Socratic method of elenchus for somethings, and substance is far from present.

Go out and change something, meet new people, and learn new things.

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