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Black women with facial hair


Chin hair will probably have an innocent explanation, but it could be a sign of something more serious. Although most women don't grow beards, spindly chin hair can be a common occurrence.

Often, this is normal, and a product of age or hormone imbalance during pregnancy, for example. Dendy Engelman tells Glamour that a few hairs on the chin are just part of the deal for most women. They may well be unwanted, but usually they're only visible if you look closely in the mirror anyway. It's when more than the occasional stray strand pops up that "Black women with facial hair" be a sign of hirsutism, which is a condition that sees women grow stiffer, darker body hair in atypical spots, Little Things writes.

Hirsutism isn't in itself dangerous. But it's the sign that something else might be amiss.

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