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Asexual pride tumblr


I drew this a several years ago and posted it on deviantart, but I figured this is as good a time as any to post it on tumblr as well, haha. Asexual Awareness Week is here!!

Originally posted by redbeardace. The first selfie is up! Heads up to all of my followers that I will be posting more than usual Asexual pride tumblr AAW! Ever since June, this blog has been posting pictures of aces spotted at Pride events, in order to show that we exist and we belong.


I want pictures of visible aceness in all of these places. Ace flags at famous monuments, demi t-shirts "Asexual pride tumblr" the street, gray-ace chalk markings at Pride, that sort of thing. California will be easy. Nunavut will be hard. Who knows someone in Antarctica? Question for all you other activists out there - does anyone know if there are any ongoing interactivish campaigns going on besides the fandom challenge s?

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Does anyone else know where that is? Follow on Tumblr Ask Here! Ace of Parties Ace Awareness Week: Deck of Aces via grace-and-ace. Nov 1, 8: Happy ace awareness week!

Oct 27, 4: Feel free to use as icons, just credit back if you do! Oct 26, 8: Oct 25, 4: What You See, an art book featuring a variety of asexual themed pride drawings. Oct 25, 8: Is the discord chat Asexual pride tumblr all ages?

Idk if I'm comfortable chatting with ppl under 21 really.

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It is for all ages. That said, we have age roles in place that have age-specific channels. Oct 24, Oct 24, 7: Oct 24, 4: I will post all I receive! Oct 24, 8: Asexual Awareness Week Audience Participation.

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Grab an ace, gray-ace, or demi flag or acey clothing of some kind. A local park would be fine, even the sidewalk in front of your house would be okay in a pinch. If you already have a good picture, you can just send that in. Take a picture of the aceness wherever you are. You can do that here: Oct 23, 4: Oct 23, 8: Oct 22, 4: In honor "Asexual pride tumblr" Asexual awareness week coming up; Oct 21st - Oct 27th.

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