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We are so pleased you and your student have chosen to join the SCAD family.

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For nearly 40 years, our university has been dedicated to educating, inspiring and preparing the next generation of art and design leaders. This e-newsletter covers student accounts, housing and financial aid deadlines; move-in timelines and volunteer opportunities; and career prep activities, upcoming event details and much more.

Additionally, you can join the conversation with other SCAD parents and stay up to date by following us on Facebook, at facebook. We understand that this is a new adventure for both you and your student, and we are here to provide support along the way. Contact us by phone at Whatever profession your student decides to pursue, SCAD has lined up essential tools to help him or her excel. The path to a creative career starts now, in the classroom, with challenging coursework and inspiring faculty.

Keep reading to discover the outlets, information and opportunities designed to help your student choose the direction that best suits his or her unique interests and goals. Advisers help students assess and match their interests, skills and abilities to programs available at SCAD; assist students with major declaration, course selection, course sequencing and registration; and provide students with information about SCAD academic and financial policies, procedures, resources and programs.

Success advisers provide students with guidance in understanding, planning for and funding the cost of their education. Advisers assist with finance-related questions and work individually with each student to help him or her plan a strategy for meeting educational expenses. Success advisers work closely with incoming freshmen during the First Year Experience course to teach them about their responsibilities and roles in the educational process.

Advisers also meet individually with incoming transfer students during the first quarter of enrollment. All students are given the tools to be proactive in seeking advisement and "Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book" following through on actions that help them succeed academically. The faculty adviser serves as a subject matter expert who guides students throughout their course selection and professional development.

At orientation, students attend a student success and advising presentation to learn more about their academic success at SCAD.

Transfer students receive a statement of transfer credit and an explanation of SCAD transfer credit policies from an admission adviser prior to orientation. Newly admitted students may request and submit documentation for portfolio-based course exemption through the admission department.

Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book enrolled students should request and submit documentation for portfolio-based course exemption to the appropriate department chair. The First Year Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book course, or FYE, is a unique opportunity for incoming freshmen designed to ease the transition to college life and prepare students for academic excellence and their professional careers.

The student success and advising presentation addresses academic issues and questions that students encounter during the first few weeks of the quarter, including the function of the office of student success and advising, class schedules, the process of making changes to a schedule and the attendance policy.

Other academic issues are addressed during the First Year Experience class and in advising appointments. Documentation should demonstrate a mastery of skills and sufficient knowledge of the content taught in a specific collegelevel course. A student who is exempted from a required course does not earn academic credit for that course, but may substitute a course from the same subject area as approved by the department chair to fulfill the number of hours required to complete degree Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book. All first-quarter, first-year students are registered for their classes by a student success adviser.

All first-quarter transfer students are registered for classes by a transfer adviser. Both the student success advisers and transfer advisers take into account all transfer credit when registering students. Students are generally registered for two studio classes and one lecture class.

First-year students are registered for classes based on their major of interest as indicated on their application.

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Transfer students are registered for classes required by their declared major. These credits are evaluated based on whether course content, level of instruction and contact hours are at least equivalent to SCAD requirements. Taught by student success advisers, FYE covers a variety of success strategies, university policies and information regarding major and career options.

These are addressed through group and individual exercises, assignments and lectures. Students attend their FYE class for one hour, once per week. Successful completion of FYE is a requirement for graduation. Transfer students are not required to complete the course, but may opt to participate to take advantage of the learning opportunities.

There is no tuition charge for FYE. For required studio classes, a portfolio, course description and syllabus must be submitted during the first quarter of enrollment. Transfer credit is granted when a panel of faculty members determines that the quality of work in the portfolio is consistent with the quality of work required of students in comparable courses at SCAD.

Transfer credit from all sources may not exceed 90 quarter hours. A full-time student is defined as one who is registered for at least 15 credit hours per quarter. Students may register for a Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book of 20 credit hours, provided they have maintained a minimum 3. This online degree progress resource is designed to make navigating the curriculum simple and help students decide what classes to take next.

Many students have skills and interests across a wide range of art and design disciplines and are uncertain of what major they should declare. It is essential students take the initiative and explore Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book and minors offered at SCAD.

Undergraduate degree programs are four-year courses of study that require quarter credit hours and incorporate a fine arts foundation studies curriculum, comprehensive general education curriculum, major program or area of concentration curriculum and electives. Undergraduate programs embrace a wide range of major areas and are designed to challenge students to perform at a high level to prepare them for professional careers.

A well-rounded curriculum provides students with technical and analytical skills, aesthetic sensibilities, an academic background, and the ability to express ideas visually and verbally.

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Students are in classes for 15 hours per week. For each hour a student is in class, approximately two hours of outside work will be required. However, students are encouraged to meet with their advisers as often as they find helpful. Registration times are determined by credit hours earned, and students may register Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book classes from their initial registration time through the fifth business day at the beginning of each quarter.

After the first quarter, your student will register for classes in MySCAD using instructions from his or her student success adviser.

Students also have the opportunity to interact with faculty members in each area of study and learn about career options from the office for career and alumni success. Undecided students are encouraged to use their elective courses to try out introductory classes in majors of interest. In doing so, they may even decide to pursue a minor. Once a major is declared, a student is assigned a faculty adviser and a success adviser who specialize in that area.

Transfer students declare their majors by selecting an intended area of study on their applications for admission. With careful course selection, students may earn a double major in only a few extra quarters. Students should consult their student success advisers to determine what additional coursework may be required. Each SCAD minor consists of five to six courses, depending on the program of study. The time required to complete a minor area of study varies depending on which combination of major and minor programs is being completed.

Based upon this combination, a student may be required to complete more Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book the minimum number of credit hours required for graduation. Foundation studies are designed as studio classes where students can build visual, conceptual and creative abilities. The organization of these courses into a two-year sequence allows students to complete necessary prerequisites for future study and also prepares them for work in their chosen majors.

Students should consult their programs of study for specific course requirements. Students who have successfully completed a course similar in content and level of instruction to a mathematics course at SCAD at another college or university may be permitted to transfer that course in satisfaction of the mathematics requirement.

SCAD ensures all undergraduate students are able to demonstrate fundamental mathematics competency.

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Students who do not demonstrate math competency are required to complete one math course at SCAD. Students can take internships on a credit or noncredit basis and these may be paid or unpaid. Typical internships place students with artists, designers or organizations such as museums, advertising agencies, media production companies, theaters and architecture firms in the U.

An undergraduate student seeking an internship for credit must have completed at least 90 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of at least 3. Prior to the quarter in which a for-credit internship is to be conducted, students must submit an electronic internship application and liability waiver signed by the student, the faculty member and the department chair. The application must show that the student will have adequate faculty and supervisor contact hours during the week quarter when the internship is to take place.

Students are required to work a minimum of hours of internship activity, and must request and obtain approval for an internship prior to the start of the quarter. The necessary tuition must be paid upon submission of the internship application in order to complete registration of the internship for credit.

Students should consult with a student success adviser before registering for any math or science courses to be sure they meet the requirements for their specific programs of study. SCAD Study Abroad develops and offers programs that broaden and enhance the total educational experience. Through short- and full-term international and domestic study programs, students have the opportunity to earn degree credit while gaining a more global perspective on art, architecture and design.

Registrar staff members interact most frequently with students by providing transcripts and enrollment verifications and assisting with registration and graduation. It provides information regarding full- or part-time registration status, dates Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book attendance, expected graduation date and current course enrollment. Insurance companies, both health and auto, loan agencies Sallie Mae, Direct Loans or AES, for example and other organizations may require a verification in order for the student to be eligible for certain benefits health insurance coverage or good student discounts, for example or loan deferments.

There is no fee for an enrollment verification. Some organizations have specific forms that must be completed verifying student enrollment. Students in all majors can find programs relevant to their career preparation that develop cross-cultural competencies and expand their understanding of other cultures and societies. SCAD Study Abroad hosts several informational meetings each quarter, and students can further explore these options with their student Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book advisers.

Some programs focus on specific academic and studio disciplines, while others feature a variety of study options. Students expand their knowledge of other cultures and societies, which puts them ahead of the game as they step into careers in the global marketplace. Academic policies are available in the catalog, online at scad. Students pursuing a minor must earn a GPA of 2. To graduate with a double major, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.

The final 45 hours of any degree program must be completed at SCAD, including eLearning and off-campus study courses. Students are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled classes and examination periods. Atlanta speed hookup companies act 2019 book operates on a week quarter system, and all regular classes meet 20 times each quarter. Absences in excess of four class periods per quarter, or 20 percent of the course, result in the student receiving a failing grade for the course.

There are no excused absences.

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