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Dr joseph giacchino wife sexual dysfunction


Feel-good are all names for the year-old pain management physician Dr. Joseph Giacchino who ran a lucrative practice prescribing powerful drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin and other narcotics from his Melrose Park office.

Added to this he had been the ringside physician with the Illinois Boxing Commission sinceand has done almost professional fights, including bouts on HBO.

In Giacchino was indicted by a Cook County grand jury on charges of overprescribing narcotics controlled substances but was acquitted and the state regulators stripped him of his medical license. Two years later his license was reinstated and soon after the probationary period he was back to prescribing painkillers once again.

finding that plaintiff, Dr. Joseph...

The doctor had a good run until recently when the state of Illinois issued an emergency suspension of his license after being accused of overprescribing narcotics along with trading sex for drugs. The State officials said that Giacchino wrote prescriptions for large quantities of various controlled drugs like Vicodin, Xanax, Norco, OxyContin and other narcotic drugs.

The regulators accused that Giacchino gave out prescriptions without examining patients, and sometimes only after receiving sexual favors from them. A patient who was identified only as GK alleged that she visited the physician on five separate occasions but there never any examination by the doctor instead Giacchino demanded oral sex or other such acts.

She added that on the first visit he demanded oral sex and she thought he was joking till be unzipped his fly. Afterward, she received prescriptions for pain pills and antidepressants. Pharmacist Michael Ferro, who works at a Walgreens at th and Halsted streets in Chicago testified that in one hour on one day, three young men in their 20s brought prescriptions for large amounts of Xanax, OxyContin and other drugs to the pharmacy all prescribed by Giacchino.

When Ferro called the doctor for conformations, Giacchino said they suffered from degenerative joint disorder. Most part of the trial the colorfully dressed doctor spent scoffing and snorting while his wife Maria Luisa mocked the testimony of another witness. Mark Warpness, a special agent for the DEA stated that Giacchino had prescribed over a million in a year period.

He added that these painkillers later ended up on the street to be sold illegally, soothing the nerves of drug abusers in Lincolnwood and Skokie. The agent also added that Giacchino had not cooperate with federal authorities in any probe.

On one such tape, GK expressed her need for Xanax and Vicodin with Giacchino and He suggested sex would make her feel better. He even offered her to take her pants off and lie on the table, GK denies Dr joseph giacchino wife sexual dysfunction to have a stomachache and decided to pass.

Giacchino even tried to get the media to hear his story. He added that GK was lying and they were actually joking. He may no longer practice but can seek judicial review on this matter after three years, and could seek restoration of his license by the Department, if he could Dr joseph giacchino wife sexual dysfunction that he has been rehabilitated and could earn peoples trust.

Giacchino had put an already addicted Norris on a rainbow of prescription and bizarre regimen of cocktail of narcotics. This led to a traffic accident landing him in prison for 2-years and his two minor children became fatherless. Another case came to light this time Geraldine Klob who has similar issue with Giacchino.

The case is still pending. Meanwhile Joseph Giacchino, rented a non-descript office building at 28 E. When the media got in touch with Giacchino he quickly pointed out that he was not Dr joseph giacchino wife sexual dysfunction to practice medicine, treat patients or prescribe medications and was an administrator for the clinic.

Giacchino lost that suit but appealed the ruling to the Illinois Appellate Court. In the meantime, Giacchino subleased the space he has rented in Melrose Park Clinic, Riverside to a medical corporation that were a business long associated with Giacchino. Giacchino was president of the said corporation till his license was suspended and since the Dr. Paul Madison took over as president. Giacchino confirmed that Madison was the doctor treating patients at the new Riverside location.

Madison, who is also a pain management specialist who also operates a medical clinic in Michigan City, Ind. Madison pleaded not guilty and is licensed to practice medicine in Illinois despite the indictment. When media asked Giacchino what he would do if Madison lost his license to which Giacchino said he would look for another doctor and added that there was months before the verdict is reached in the Madison matter and that they were keeping it a low-key affair.

Hatem Galal, who had his office building at 28 E. Galal claim to have known Giacchino since the two were residents together at Loyola University Medical Center. Galal retired at the end of and he along with the two other practices moved out of the building making way for Giacchino. Galal added that he intended to sell the building for the right offer and along came Giacchino who offered a good lease and Galal was generating some income.

The details of the lease are not known but it is for five years with options.

Galal has no problems renting the space to someone with a controversial past. Local police are aware of the new pain clinic opening at 28 E. He also added that they have shared this information with other Dr joseph giacchino wife sexual dysfunction agencies too. No criminal activity has been reported but the police are alert.

When a suspicious looking hooded man was reported in the neighborhood the Police questioned him. The man changed his story a couple of times before claiming that he has been waiting for his girlfriend, who was at 28 E.

Police landed at the address and found the female waiting inside a vehicle there. She told police that she had an appointment at the clinic and got a prescription for the pain medication Norco, which she needs for a bad back. The posting time indicated is Central Standard Time. Joseph Giacchino complaint and review. It may not be copiedwithout the written permission of Beware.

Unlike other sites which accept payoffs and bribes to remove negative reviews and complaints, Beware.

When other sites collude with the real estate giants, Beware. The reviews or complaints posted about Dr. Joseph Giacchino is submitted and written by Julio A. Any and all opinions and information are published as is. Joseph Giacchino Scam Dr. Joseph Giacchino Complaints Dr.

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Joseph L. Giacchino. Dr Joseph Giacchino has Playmate wife, and drugs-for- sex trouble.

Dr. Millionpills aka Dr. Joseph...

JosephAlcoholDrugsAddictionMedicalMedical doctorLiquor. finding that plaintiff, Dr. Joseph Giacchino, violated provisions of the sexual activities with a patient during office visits and offered that.

potential side effects or drug interactions, and he did not ask about . his medical license principally because of [plaintiff's] much younger and 'stunning Cuban' wife. Tags: dr giacchino, joe fosco, joe giacchino, joey fosco, joseph fosco.

Her current husband, disgraced Dr....

In one instance (the oral sex matter), Giacchino destroyed his family, marriage and medical practice. I would think that the legal problems are less trouble than the.

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