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September 11, Guest: Thanks for being with us. Your Congressman in Flint Dan Kildee is here. Miss Michigan is here tonight after calling out the Flint water crisis on national television this week.

And our special coverage continues tomorrow night when we bring you our town hall with Flint native Michael Moore whose new film documents the Trump presidency through the experiences of the people of this community.

You do not want to miss that.

The President of the United States today sat in the Oval Office and bragged about his performance in dealing with the biggest disaster he has overseen as president, the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico. I think Puerto Rico was incredibly successful.

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Everything is by boat. We moved the hospital into Puerto Rico, a tremendous military hospital in the form of a ship, you know that. Puerto Rico got hit not with one hurricane but with two. And the problem with Puerto Rico is their electric grid and their electric generating plant was dead before the storms ever hit. It was in very bad shape, it was in bankruptcy, had no money, it was largely you know, was largely closed.

And Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction the storm hit, they had no electricity essentially before the storm, and when the storm hit, that took it out entirely.

I think the Puerto Rico was an incredible unsung success. I think in a certain way the best job we did was Puerto Rico but nobody would understand that. It was very hard — very hard thing to do because of the fact they had no electric before the storms hit.

It was dead as you probably know. The unsung success the president is talking about there. The death toll from Hurricane Maria was formally raised just this month to nearly 3, people. It Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction nearly a year for power to be fully restored in the island, a failure that helped contribute to hundreds of deaths in the aftermath of that storm.

That man is now once again charged with protecting the country from disaster. Joining me now Representative Luis Gutierrez, Democrat of Illinois whose parents migrated from Puerto Rico, who was announced he is giving up his seat in Congress next year, move to the island next year to help the recovery efforts. Your response to what Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction President had to say about Puerto Rico today?

How do you celebrate and declare a success when officially now the deaths are over 3,? But let me say this the Harvard study said it was over 4, And Chris, I was there within ten days.

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I was there within today not because the government allowed me to go or facilitate it because Donald Trump did everything he could to stop any oversight over the conduct of the American government and what it was doing to facilitate. You let people die. He said well, you know, the people of Puerto Rico would be better off but they want us to do everything for them so he called Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction lazy. This is a President of the United States with a catastrophic situation in Puerto Rico, unprecedented in Puerto Rico with thousands of people dying and saying how expensive and how Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction work.

The only one who was lazy was you Mr. You know, what I keep thinking about as this — as we look at Hurricane Florence as it comes towards Carolina coast at a Category Four, very very dire warnings about what it could bring.


There has still as far as I can tell been no really thorough or systematic after-action report about how it was the American government allowed 3, Americans to die in an American territory and that seems relevant to whatever hurricane preparedness happens in the upper 50 states.

Well, he bragged today, Chris, about how ready he was and he kept telling us how big the storm was because you know, he likes using monosyllabic words like big and huge and great. And he used them all to describe the oncoming hurricane instead of reassuring the American public about what was there to make sure that they could be kept safe because everything is huge and Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction.

And of course, you want to know what I fear, is the calamity, because of the lack of coordination of the government with the National Guard and with local government, the lack of responsiveness and preparedness of this government because the president, he wants to find out who was the one that wrote that op-ed piece about the chaos in the White House, because he wants the Justice Department.

You know, 15 of the top managers at FEMA are acting. Let me say this.

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On behalf of the people of Puerto Rico, how thankful they are to the American people and to the American public that has put in tens of millions of dollars in real resources and made a difference and it stopped deaths from occurring.

I want to congratulate the American people and that resistance that exists on so many levels. Final thought about this. If Democrats were to take the House this fall, do you think it would be on the agenda to actually do some oversight over the response in Puerto Rico? That is going to be one of our most important actions and yes I will be in Congress. And you know where I went? They now live in Florida, they now live in Pennsylvania.

President you should know, they are registering to vote. And the people and the island of Puerto Rico are going to implore, are going to urge, are going to inspire the Puerto Rican community of Florida and of Pennsylvania to come out and vote in for a president that loves the people of the island of Puerto Rico and loves the people of the United States of America. With me now Democratic Representative Dan Kildee of Michigan who is currently inside his district which includes Flint.

Yes, I mean the things that Bob Woodward wrote, the thing that the anonymous author or authors wrote is essentially common knowledge Washington among Democrats and Republicans, among people inside and outside the White House. This is an open secret.

I mean, honestly do you want the president to really focus on really crucial life-and-death matters Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction hurricane preparedness right now, or do you want other people to handle it? Well, we want the President of the United States to be capable of focusing on these big questions. He has no core beliefs, he has no core values. And she looked at me and she pointed and Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction you know what, you and I have something in common.

We both represent people that this administration is completely overlooked and completely forgotten. In Puerto Rico, they say nobody died when people did die.

This is — you know, in this case, in the case of Puerto Rico and in Flint is where you see just how stark all this is and how Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction the stakes are for competent governance, right? About what has happened here and the drinking water, has this administration been helpful? Trymaine lee wife sexual dysfunction you feel like the federal government has got your back or help this community?

That to me — that gets to something real key here. No one can possibly trust the government particularly the state government, federal government, after what happened. They were told the water was safe when the government knew that it was not safe, knew that it was dangerous, knew that would hurt people. How can they be expected to trust anything anyone says? Flint is not some sort of anomaly. Our Constitution, the framers anticipated the potential of a rogue president and I just have to say this.

Donald Trump by himself is not the problem. And then this is where I think the moment that occurs to us right now is so critical. The problem is the people who were supposed to put a check on that president, to ensure that the trust was still there, that people could have some kind of faith in their government, are the people in the Congress of the United States.