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Wet vagina gallery


Although pregnancy is filled with many exciting moments and a beautiful growing belly, it can also come with some unwanted side effects, such as tender breasts, Wet vagina gallery changes and discharge. During pregnancy, a lot of blood flows into the cervical area, which can cause more discharge from the cervix — also known as the neck of the womb, explains Dr Diana Du Plessis, childbirth educator and consultant to Philips Mother and Child Division.

As this type of discharge is more common in the first and third trimester, you might want to use panty liners at this time, change your underwear regularly, and use unscented, non-irritating soaps when washing, Wet vagina gallery Dr Du Plessis.

Show is also known as the mucus plug. Its purpose is to seal the cervix to help prevent infections. It forms early in pregnancy, at about seven weeks, explains Dr Du Plessis.

The mucus plug is usually clear, slightly pink or blood tinged in colour, according to the American Pregnancy Association. It can also be sticky or stringy in consistency.

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Although it might be alarming to see any bloody discharge in your underwear, in some cases, especially in the first trimester, spotting is fairly normal, explains Dr Du Plessis. Spotting can be caused by several things, "Wet vagina gallery" sexual intercourse, a tear in the vaginal wall or an infection, says Dr Du Plessis.

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