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Moldova brides photo gallery


Why are there websites offering mail-order Moldovan brides, but not mail-order Moldovan grooms? Why do middle-aged foreign men fly to Chisinau to marry young Moldovan girls, but no young foreign girls fly to Chisinau to marry middle-aged Moldovan men? Why does the sight of Western European men with Eastern European women sometimes make us cynical? Some answers to the first two questions, at least, can be found in the fast-expanding science of evolutionary psychology. The basic premise Moldova brides photo gallery evolutionary psychology is simple: A woman must invest nine months of her time in producing a baby, whereas a man can do his bit in ten seconds.

With such a greater investment at stake, you would expect women to be more discerning than men about their sexual partners; and, generally speaking, they are. When men feel inclined to have sex with anything in a skirt while women instinctively want to bide their time, the explanation is Moldova brides photo gallery biology.

Genetic advantage also explains the human instinct to form pair-bonds — or, in more everyday language, to get married. Over the hundreds of thousands of years in which humans evolved as hunter-gatherers, babies who had the support of two parents would have had a better survival rate than those who were brought up by their mothers alone.

Genes which incline us to fall in love and bring up babies together would therefore tend to spread into the next generation. But what about who we fall in love with? Humans evolved in a harsh and dangerous environment, in which a high percentage of babies would not have survived their Moldova brides photo gallery few years in life.

Men would have wanted to form pair-bonds with young, healthy women who looked likely to be able to withstand the physical stress of bearing many children. This also means beautiful women, because the traditional signs of beauty Moldova brides photo gallery also signs of health — such as clear, unblemished skin — or of suitability for bearing and rearing children, such as wide hips and large breasts.

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