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If you're looking to provide your visitors with a device-optimized experience that works great on any screen, you need a reliable method for device detection including a way to detect the mobile browser. This is a very common technique used by all top Internet companies that chose to build fast and lightweight adaptive websites. There are basically two disparate ways to build websites that work great on all devices, including responsive web design RWD and adaptive web design AWD.

Detecting Website detect mobile browsers and using other device detection features are only necessary when you choose to go adaptive, either by using separate URLs or dynamic serving.

This technique is typically used to:. If you want the experience to be optimized for every device, the server must know exactly what the visiting device is e. And this is based on device detection. Of course the user experience can be further optimized by detecting other device characteristics, and Website detect mobile just the type of device.

This technique is described later in this article. In the following post we focus on server-side mobile browser detection which we think is superior to any home-grown solution based on PHP or Javascript. To detect a mobile browser,and other device properties using a cloud-based server-side detection solution, you need to drop a simple code snippet that calls the API.

It works by examining information contained in the HTTP headers, particularly User Agent strings sent by all web-enabled devices. The User Agent is looked up in a database that returns any requested information including device type.

Here are simple steps that you can follow Website detect mobile now to quickly and easily detect a mobile browser using a cloud-based API. More on browser detection in a JAVA environment. More on browser detection in a PHP environment. More on browser Website detect mobile in a.

More on browser detection in a Python environment. If you're looking to detect particular mobile browser names, Website detect mobile can also use an API call 'mobileBrowser. For more detailed browser targeting, DeviceAtlas allows you to use 'browserVersion' and 'browserRenderingEngine'.

Read this article to learn more about the latest statistics on mobile browser popularity.

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Detecting mobile browsers is just one, basic example of many possibilities that device detection offers. It is possibel to detect and target over different device properties to further fine-tune user experience on varying devices.

Here are some examples:.

This script will detect the...

We learned that all of them use server-side device detection and adaptive web design, either by using separate URLs or dynamic serving. This is mainly due to the fact that adaptive web design allows these companies to come up with fast and lightweight online experiences that help them increase conversions and user engagement on mobile devices.

If these aspects are important for you as well, it makes sense to seriously consider adaptive for your business. Get started with a local device detection trial. DeviceAtlas is a high-speed device detection solution used by some of the largest companies in the online space to:.

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This script will detect the...

Apps Device intelligence, targeting and reporting in native apps environment. Operators Fine grained device intelligence that can be used by BI and analytics teams. Analytics Understand customer engagement at device level.

Optimization Learn how customers are experiencing your content. Advertising Enable granular device targeting of your campaigns. Enterprise High performance local version of DeviceAtlas. Cloud Instant device intelligence for web applications.

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