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Lawdepot will forgot to cancel my trial account where my credit card was on file. Once my Lawdepot will expired, I was charged for the annual subscription. I emailed 2 days after the end of my trial period requesting a refund and they immediately fulfilled my request.

My printer had run out of ink and I needed to get a lease agreement to renters today. Yvette was kind enough to help by sending me a pdf. I haven't signed up yet to make a will with Law Depot but I would like to know if this company are locin Australia or are they Overseas.

This is difficult getting up on your phone to print out but the people are nice instructions not clear after you have my money. Using an older PC while visiting my mom - Linda emailed me the docs I needed and was able to print then save on my iPad!

She had a lot of patience and thorough knowledge of my problem. I could not have handled this without her. Thank you Patricia for explaining how to download my documents which I have now done Lawdepot will. I will be recommending LawDepot to friends and family. I'm having trouble printing my will. I'm trying to send it to my daughter so she can print it for me, but I can't even send it. Frustrating to say the least.

Lovely and very helpfu lady,solved my printing problem,thanks very much. Monique hall did an excellent job Lawdepot will helping me print copies of my first lease. We use Law Depot for a lease in Called to cancel and they keep charging my card. Let's see if this time works. Not "Lawdepot will" a sorry for my Lawdepot will or loss of money. You would think as "legal help" they could at least be truthful, but alas they are true scam artists. It is the old scam of "free" documents but you cant cancel today but you have to cancel at specific time in the future or you will be billed into perpetuity.

Deceptive practices at best. Do not use ever!!!! I gave you my REAL name- why isn't used in the document? If it's not changed I'll find a different company to use. You switched it even though I gave it to you It was changed after I got a divorce to my real name which is Alise. Immediately tried to solve my problem and Lawdepot will me Lawdepot will lot.

I felt confident that your product was going to be exactly what I needed and immediate service was highly appreciated. My questions answered and problem solved My Lawdepot will answer and problem solved The Lawdepot will person " was so helpful in explaining what I didn't understand about filling out a Health Care Directive for my husband from the account I set up for myself in April.

I was fearful that I'd be dead before I figured it out myself!

I cant print doc on free trial. I called and Monique Lawdepot will was willing to help. I appreciate her assistance and will use your service when needed. Trish went above and beyond to solve a glitch with a date on my Mortgage Satisfaction form.

Many thanks for the great service! Monique helped me today. She was so very patient and explained everything SO clearly. I will be looking at estate documents as a result of my experience today. Love I can call OR go online to contact them! Monique was great and a pleasure to work Lawdepot will and handling my situation and I would definitely recommend this site.

The LawDepot service will allow...

No, Lawdepot will do not need to file your prenuptial agreement anywhere. Just make sure that you keep a signed copy or copies in a safe, secure place. Good day Kathryn, my apologies for the delay in responding as I was unexpectedly away. You complete the form online, select your license to print, and print it immediately.

On April 6th, I created...

Most documents are available in Word format. However, there are a few that are in PDF format only.

Everything you'll need! LawDepot has...

Examples include most deeds such as the quitclaim deed which have special margin considerations. Our first offer is for a one week free trial. Within the one, you have access to our Lawdepot will library of legal documents. With the 7 day trial subscription you need to cancel the subscription before the end of the 7 days and there will be no charges.

And you can cancel at anytime. Our second pricing option is our Basic License. Created as many as you need and it is a one time charge. Our third option is our 1 year Pro License. Yes that is correct. As long as you cancel your subscription before the end of the end of the 7 day free trial there will be no charges on your account.

The Basic license Lawdepot will you create, edit and print as many residential leases as you Lawdepot will for two weeks and after two weeks, the license will expire. The 7 day free trial will allow access to any document free for Lawdepot will days. If the account is cancelled within 7 days, there are no charges for any documents prepared.

To cancel, you can click the Cancel button in your account under the Subscription tab, or you can call or chat with us and we can cancel the account for you. Prior to renewal, "Lawdepot will" will send you an email.

Hello Bob, Yes you can make changes to your document after paying. Once you select a license option, your document will be saved and available for access on the last page after you enter credit card details. If you need to access your document: Sign in to your account.

Hover on your email address at the top right hand side of the page and click on My Documents from the drop down menu. Click on the document name to open the file. Click the Print icon to print or the Change Answers icon to edit answers. Regards, Cynthia Customer Support. Hello Margaret, As I Lawdepot will not have your account information I cannot say for sure but, Lawdepot will sounds like you signed up for the 1 Year Pro License. Please feel free to contact me Toll Free: Hello, We are a leading publisher of do-it-yourself legal documents and templates since Our customers have created over four million contracts and have saved considerable dollars in legal fees.

Our form templates and software are drafted and revised by our in-house legal department. Please note that the documents are generated based on the answers you enter. Ensure you accurately Lawdepot will all the necessary fields.

Once completed, it is a legal document. The answers you Lawdepot will and how you edit the document can potentially affect whether the form is legally enforceable and valid.

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