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A specific lyrical style is present in the song-writing as the music itself straddles a line between new and old, but his voice carries the song — as it should. A story tellers dream, the words point toward an appreciation for the literal whiskey in addition to a parallel of an actual relationship gone awry. I got a brand new bottle of whiskey, you should see the way it treats me. Gut wrenching, you can only hope for the best to all those involved as each word traps the listener into being concerned for the narrator but wondering what the bigger story holds.

Often the case in real life, there are always going to be multiple sides to every broken relationship and depending on where you land, the interpretations will be different. Such is the beauty with music and any other art form. The subject matter and impact are always open to a variety of different feelings and there is never a wrong answer but this one will have you raising a glass to those from the past with a wry smile.

Austin based Reckless Kelly rolled into North Carolina for the second time this year with two stops scheduled in Winston-Salem and Shelby. Having previously visited the Tarheel State in June Hickory and Raleigh the return was met by many familiar faces as all of their shows serve to increase a consistent fan base, gaining new followers and peaking interest across the state. A quality venue able to produce both a good listening room or full concert experience, the focus here is clearly on the music.

Both added a unique twist to the evening before a rocking finale. Two days later, the band took on an entirely different feel inside the Don Gibson Theatrelocated in Shelby. A nice combination of the favorites paired among others that fittingly intersected with the setting, it created an entirely different feel during most of the evening.

Both top-notch, quality performances as North Carolina looks forward to the return of "Black hookup in raleigh nc festivals 2019 illinois" Kelly again soon.

Cancellations continue to haunt one of the biggest and best bands in this music scene as the Turnpike Troubadours announced another round of dates that have been nixed from their current touring schedule.

For the second time in just a few months, the Turnpike Troubadours will again be taking a lengthy hiatus for undisclosed reasons after recently making a triumphant return at Medicine Stonea festival they co-host with Jason Boland in late September, after the first such round of missed events.

A post shared by Turnpike Troubadours turnpiketroubadours on Oct 30, at 1: One month later the band performed on Saturday night at Medicine Stone after their show was postponed because of heavy rain Friday. For the first time in festival history, both the Turnpike Troubadours and Jason Boland played on the same night and for those in attendance it was an epic occurrence that provided hope the band had healed from any medical concerns and resolved any problems among the group.

Everything appeared to be back on track until a recent delayed cancellation took place in Bossier City, Louisiana on October The following night October 27 in Corpus Christi, Texas was also carried out without the band although Randy Rogers and Flatland Cavalry did perform, with Steven James and the Jadedwho were a late addition to the set.

Now, more cancellations including a November 9 date in Charlotte, North Carolina and an even more significant unknown about what the future has in store for the Turnpike Troubadours. With everything up in the air, hopes are this group works through their ongoing issues and makes another significant, healthy, and much anticipated return soon.

American Aquarium lead singer B. Barham stepped to the stage backed by his new ensemble for the first time in a while at The Ramkat in Winston-Salem. The site of numerous AA shows and album release parties, in addition to being where Barham and his wife wed, it was packed with plus patrons eager to see the band perform. Barham debuted a Fender electric guitar for the first time at The Pour House and brought the new ride with him to Winston-Salem.

Whether in orAmerican Aquarium is going to provide a wonderfully entertaining show. Experiencing a roller coaster of emotions from the deeply passionate, hard life lessons, bitter breakups, to a more promising time, the songs represent a sliver of the transformation Barham has taken as an individual over the past decade. Dedication, determination and an appreciation for his fans — Barham stayed late after his set Black hookup in raleigh nc festivals 2019 illinois shake hands and express his gratitude for those willing to spend their Friday night with him — in addition to seeing a few familiar "Black hookup in raleigh nc festivals 2019 illinois." Not just the chorus, these guys knew it from start to finish.

On the heels of a...

Continuing to thrive behind their latest album, Things Changethe first with a new lineup, American Aquarium displayed their ability to connect with an audience and prove their shows are not to be missed — then, now, or ever.

Barham has always been a proponent of the long leaf pine and his North Carolina roots. Originally flanked by a few North Carolinians in the band, the group has recently undergone a significant lineup shift but continues to press forward, gaining new fans and influencing others with their music on a consistent basis. Gaining notoriety around North Carolina behind a tireless touring schedule Black hookup in raleigh nc festivals 2019 illinois hole in the wall bars and restaurants from Blowing Rock to Statesville, the capital city of Raleigh and even a few homecoming shows Black hookup in raleigh nc festivals 2019 illinois in Reidsville, the band never failed to entertain.

From humble beginnings the band now regularly receives invitations to festivals, including The Music FestMedicine Stone and an appearance at Mile 0 Fest next year, in addition to traveling across the pond for another upcoming European tour later this month.

Despite their rigorous schedule American Aquarium has also cranked out numerous albums which transcend time and appeal to the current state of Barham and his feelings. Burn, Flicker, Die was originally intended to be the final album from the group but instead propelled them to even greater heights. Well received by both fans and critics, the album did just the opposite and allowed Barham and his band to continue touring and making a living but it came at a cost.

The band released another album, Wolves and their next, which was released earlier this year is arguably the best yet. Things Change encompasses the influences surrounding Barham and his band, in addition to the personal aspects of his own life. Since WolvesBarham has gotten sober, married and welcomed his first child, a daughter, into the world. Barham is learning to manage both touring and being a father, while also maintaining a strong commitment to his music.

The show dates may not come as frequently, but American Aquarium has been and will continue to be on the road plenty, as their impact on the current music scene has been made and people from around the country are continually taking notice. American Aquarium is destined for great things behind Barham and their latest break will only leave fans wanting more. Telling personal tales that anyone can relate to and striking a chord among his followers, although changes are in store, the foundation remains.

Catch American Aquarium at one of two upcoming North Carolina dates this Black hookup in raleigh nc festivals 2019 illinois behind a new album, lineup and reinvigorated lead singer. The seven-piece ensemble of Shinyribs crowded onto the stage ahead of Kevin Russell entering and greeting fans with his free spirit, interpretative dance moves and entertaining collection of songs — both original and covers.

The one … the only … shinyribs! Armed with one of the best band recognition routines ever, Russell introduces the audience to every member of Shinyribs through their favorite root vegetable ahead of the song, Sweet Potato. One of the most unique shows you can experience, Shinyribs never fails to entertain, connecting with their audience in a free spirited, dance like no one is watching affair, from start to finish.

Absent a tour stop in NC over the past two years, it was a welcome return and one that those in attendance truly appreciated. While even further from Texas than North Carolina, at a tour stop in Oregon, Canada ran into a fan named Travis Moore, sharing a special story behind the song.

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On Saturday, Canada dedicated the song to him as it once saved his life — keeping Moore Black hookup in raleigh nc festivals 2019 illinois during a down time after he heard it play while contemplating suicide.

Canada also departed from his traditional guitar to play one created by Custom Guitarsa local company. A talented musician in his own right, the two are backed by beats from the always entertaining Eric Hansen on the drum kit. Led by lead singer Kevin Russellformerly of The GourdsShinyribs began as a side project before morphing into the awesome show they are today.

Performing both their own original music and a number of covers, Shinyribs never fails to delight and their reputation precedes them. Whether you are familiar with the sounds of Shinyribs or not, one thing is guaranteed. You will be entertained. In no particular order, here are the 10 best things we experienced at our first-ever Medicine Stone event. To get the full Medicine Stone experience attendees need to camp or stay at one of the on site bunkhouses.

The camaraderie established between attendees in only a short period of time is fun to watch. Life-long friendships are created and strengthened, meals are shared, parties last into the wee hours of the morning and musical talent can easily be found outside of the festival lineup as many artists bring instruments to entertain campsites at all hours of the day and night.

Day one provided the best opportunity as the sun beat down ahead of an impending rainfall forecast for Friday and those campers who were ready when the gates opened, completing set up before lunch crowded into the river ahead of BC and the Big Rig kicking things off at 3: Setting up lawn chairs and just enjoying the fellowship of other concert goers, pack a bathing suit because regardless of what Mother Nature had to offer, the river still beckoned those who wished to float or relax as people made their way down to the water every day.

These three reunite on occasion and when they do it provides for a must see experience. All talented and entertaining in their own right, when the three share a stage the stories, lyrics, and music are endless. The crowd asked and Canada reluctantly obliged after stating he was saving the song for his own set later in the evening.

The first track on the very first Cross Canadian Ragweed record, Canada retired the song from his repertoire for many years before recently bringing it back.

In her first performance since giving birth to her fourth child, a baby boy, Jamie Lin Wilson greeted fans with a toast. Fullbright not only entertained with exceptional talent but also shared some jokes, displaying a vibrant personality while on stage. His Satan and St. Paulin addition to Fat Man, which displayed his ability on the keys, ended with an "Black hookup in raleigh nc festivals 2019 illinois" foot to the keyboard. A rousing set of songs touching on a number of emotions, Fullbright is not to be missed.

Another first in Medicine Stone history, both Turnpike and Boland performed on the same night. Turnpike picked up right where they left off showing no signs of what has been a noticeable break, entertaining the crowd for what felt like a homecoming performance as many of the current members hail from Tahlequah and the surrounding area.

Hats available in a range of colors, Bekah has taken her concept and organically grown it into a modern day phenomenon deeply rooted in the music scene.

The African American Cultural Festival...

Medicine Stone brought the rain — literally. A brief shower early Friday morning gave way to more steady rainfall as the day progressed. By mid-morning clouds covered Diamondhead Resort and a rain never before seen in festival history ensued.

A tent city was erected out onto festival grounds as patrons attempted to get as close to the action as possible. The performers, fans, and especially those responsible behind the scenes handling equipment and changing out stage setups for each act, all deserve a round of applause for making the best out of a difficult situation.

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