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Between tournament raininess and sporadic DVR-ness on my part not the recording, thank goodness, but my own watching I am just going to start organizing by round. I understand that the craziness that happened on Wednesday is pretty awful for everyone with TV rights, but are people really going to tune in to watch Federer lose when they know that is what happens?

Jan-Lennard Struff at least has the consolation of that amazing ly German name. And the fact that he gave a seed such a close match while ranked outside the top That seems fairly straight forward. Roberto is ranked around 60, so the fact that Ferru needed four sets Kader nouni wife sexual dysfunction beat him is mildly concerning me. She won despite her timing being off and not playing her best, which I think is really important for her.

It was part of that crazy Wednesday full of upsets. There were rain delays, so there was less round 2 than there was supposed to be and these results are incomplete.

So tomorrow will be all tennis, all the time. You know, like it usually is. Unless it rains again. At least, that is MY theory. People were talking about that being a Kader nouni wife sexual dysfunction earlier this year when Wimbledon announced the increase, but no one has mentioned it now.

Also, credit to Steve Darcis for his withdrawal. I hope I get to see Richard on grass! He plays fast tennis. The Brandswagon is safe all through qualifying, but once the main draw starts you gotta be careful. Who even are all these people?

I mean, I recognize their names, but I am a weirdo compared to the general public.

By Sari Cooper, Certified Sex...

I see how it is, Llodra. Ole, ole, ole, ole! Yeah, still over you too, Serena, at least for now. Sorry, Alexandra Cadantu, who lost 46, Next up is Date-Krumm vs. I just assume that last part. I can spell Pavlyuchenkova without looking. Eventually I will learn Zahlavova Strycova. She dropped a set, but Halep was on an eleven match win streak prior to this.

So, Wimbledon used to have an all white clothing rule that really, I think we are allowed to give a major side-eye to these days just because that wording is….

Today four people withdrew before their matches started, three people retired during their matches, and seven seeds got upset. He came out, I think second on his court, and beat Yen-Hsun Lu 63, 63, Kader nouni wife sexual dysfunction We also heard nothing about this.

And players were seen batting...

I will miss you, Kader nouni wife sexual dysfunction. Why is Monaco nicknamed Pico? I am still confused. Sergiy Sakhovsky gets the win 67, 76, 75, And all credit to him, that guy played great.

He pulled his hamstring or something. Lleyton Hewitt is a legendary Australian player and for some reason his nickname is Rusty. I was afraid that would happen. Shout out to the middle ranked seeds who took care of business today. Michelle played great and Maria was just terrible. Larcher de Brito in round three. Credit where it is due: I will miss you, Petko! Florian is sometimes seeded at things, I swear. For sure of the Mayers the other being Leonardo he is the most consistent they are not related.

Novak looked like Novak. This was a pretty tricky first round opponent. Actually, they said at one point that Mayer was ranked 33, so this is literally the most difficult player Novak could have faced in round one. He should be fine moving forward. Tough luck for Mayer, but this match was closer than a lot people would have kept it.

Bobby Reynolds beat Steve Johnson 16, 76 463, 67, Ryan is an American dude who seems a lot less adverse to the spotlight than Isner or Querry. I kinda like Chardy. Way to close out that third set. I feel like most people would have lost there and then Simon would pry Kader nouni wife sexual dysfunction match from their dirty, bloody hands in five ugly sets.

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