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Boli psihosexuale


Hi, would anyone in Bucharest be able to take some photos of the GayFest parade, to be inserted into the relevant article? I know this is a bit of late notice, but the photos would be very useful, considering the importance of the festival in the context of Romanian civil rights. Ronline Todaysolidarity and hope I don't know much about this one, so I'm not the one to clear it up. Please see question at Talk: I've found two beautiful photos of the city "Boli psihosexuale" Flickr see Image: However, I really know barely anything in detail about the city I've been there once, but that's about alland it would be great to get some help from a local.

We can get the article up to FA status, even. I've created an infobox to be applied to every Bucharest Metro station: There are still Boli psihosexuale few issues with it, and I would like some feedback Boli psihosexuale to its presentation and what it should contain.

Is this a good idea?

Downloading prezi...

Or should the indicator box remain where it is, and the infobox should only contain information about what lines it is serviced by. Boli psihosexuale, the box is, at the moment, quite short on information. What other information could be included?

AFAIK, we don't have Boli psihosexuale to the statistics such as passenger use, etc whereas the London tube stations do have this information. But is there any other statistic or information that would be useful and that could be applied to most, if not all, stations?

They revert and destroy the article of Vlachs of Serbia where they don't allow romanians to say that they speak romanian languagethat is in a country where not Boli psihosexuale a Church they are not allowed to have it. Their edits are exclusive, missleading and false. In this way, that language can be seen as "co-official" to Romanian.

What do you Boli psihosexuale Could I ask people to take a look at the issue I raise at Talk: Romania in the Middle Ages Possible copyright issues? I think there is copyvio material in the article anonymously added last month.

Who can edit:

Greier claims to have written it, and claims that Ion Calafeteanu from whom I believe it is plagiarized actually plagiarized himrather than vice versa. Along the way to claiming that, he calls me several things that clearly Boli psihosexuale WP: Given his attacks on me, I'd really Boli psihosexuale it if someone else will Boli psihosexuale sort this out. I've been doing some pretty serious editorial work on Romania in the Middle Agesand tracking down citations.

It could still use a lot more. In particular, I'm guessing that "Boli psihosexuale" one large section was nearly verbatim from a U. Library of Congress country study perfectly legal, public domain, but should be acknowledgedthen some of the rest came from similar as yet unacknowledged sources. Also, I have quite a few questions on the talk page if anyone knowledgable would like to take a look. I was told by someone that at the Military Museum in Bucharest there is a "splendid diorama of Vaslui.

I need someone to go there and take some good shots of whatever is there. I'd appreciate it if someone besides me would look into the recent edits of My quick impression is that these edits often deletions are often very POV and nationalist.

I've run across two pretty blatant examples: Does anyone know anything about this Boli psihosexuale She was Romanian and I assume she moved to France. Her books are still popular. Just google her name and see that her books are sold worldwide.

In practice, she's more popular on the international scene than Eminescu and Cosbuc put together. We should have an article about her. Nu Boli psihosexuale posibil sa adaugam poza originala a lui Stefan in loc de poza cu iconul refacut? Aici este poza originala, la manastirea Putna. Stiu ca majoritatea din voi sunteti boieri de Bucuresti, dar niciunul din voi nu a trecut prin Boli psihosexuale ca sa ia o poza? Nici macar nu avem un articol despre acele manastiri; in schimb avem articole despre orice strada si stalp din Bucuresti, de parca cuiva iar pasa.

Cine are probleme sexuale? și...

I've noticed that User: Xanthar has contributed a lot of good information about stations on the Bucharest Metro network - see for example Basarab metro station. However, what we are lacking at the moment are some pictures of metro trains, stations, etc. It would be great if any users in Bucharest have any photos of metro stations that they can share or upload to Commons so that they can be Boli psihosexuale in these articles.

Tulburări hormonale și alte boli,...

Additionally, photos of the outside of the new trains, and "Boli psihosexuale" the new M4 stations would be much appreciated. Anybody that knows a thing or two about automobiles care to update the Dacia Logan article with some information abut this new model? As a non-driving woman I don't speak that lingo so I cannot do it. Any of you knows whether something resembling a Romanian Corvinus library exists? My problem is that some guys are now pushing the revisionist Hungarian POV, and they are very well served by this collection of documents and by Wikipedia practice that about any source is acceptable even if it's obvious propaganda, and doesn't even talk about actual facts.

The most attacked stuff regarding the hungarian history is the Anonimus chronicle Gesta. Also there are some materials from Vatican Boli psihosexuale and also a russian chronicle.

But Boli psihosexuale aware the dispute can be endless, a part of hungarian historians support the ideea that the Anonimus chronicle was a fantastic story. Still the best source for us, regarding Boli psihosexuale history, are still the old hungarian books in Johannes de Thurocz chronicle you can find the moldavian flag in battle, in Kepes Kronika you can find depicted Posada battleand some documents from the catholic church.

There are also a lot of books where the origins of the romanians are treated fairly. We can only show the materials proof of our continuity. Who is this Ro? I cannot fix it myself today: I archived the previous discussion here: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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