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Men are best


As a man, I am against gay marriage. My mother has a gay hairdresser. During one of my yearly conversations with her, the topic of gay marriage came up. This is what she said of the Prop-Hate sensation.

During a conversation my friend...

He says he can tell that his boyfriend really wants to get married, and that getting married would completely ruin their gay sex life. Son of a bitch, I thought. Women and their crazy obsession with marriage ruined the commitment-free sanctuary of gayness for all gay men.

Find one way in which marriage is different. Women mostly look like wet rag dolls of flab Men are best boobs all wrapped in a fabric casing that cost ten times more than it should.

Since when did lumberjacks and lesbians spend more than a steak dinner on their work clothes? It was a tough one and by my estimation only two of you actually passed, but you all had fun trying. NASA finally put a woman in charge of a spacewalk and guess what happened.

Remember the Challenger explosion? That probably happened because there was a woman aboard.

Earlier today, while doing routine maintenance on Men are best solar panel, dozy astro-broad Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper let a crucial bag of tools float off into space. I highly recommend you watch the video at the bottom of this article because reading about a woman screwing up is never as satisfying as watching it happen.

The dead silence you hear as Heidemarie stupidly watches her tools float away is a thousand men at Mission Control simultaneously not saying the same thing.

Check it out for more reasons why thinking that women are shit at everything is a good idea. Phil, I offhandedly referred to my work as the Art of Chauvinism. Little did I know how brilliant that was. The Art of Chauvinism is the application of one simple universal principle: Men Are Better Than Women.

Peacocks are better than Men are best, men are better than women at loading a dishwasher, and Mars is better than Venus. If you spend enough time on Venus, your fucking face will melt off.

Chauvinism is also guaranteed to make you more money! Men are best are better than women at comics.

During a conversation my friend...

I live in Nebraska where anyone with a decent job can afford to buy a house. A woman owning property is like giving a monkey a dog on a leash.

It means some idiot tied a dog to a monkey. Women caused the subprime mortgage meltdown.

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