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Saint homobonus prayer card

When things get tough at...

He was born and also died in the city of Cremona, Italy during the 12th century. One could say that serving the poor was part of his overall business strategy.

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He came to appreciate that his calling to work in the world of business was a divine calling as should we all. Homobonus experienced by his unexpected success in his business, which, under the divine blessing, Saint homobonus prayer card also owing to his economy, care, and industry.

His business he looked upon as an employment given him by God, and he pursued it with diligence upon the motive of obedience to the divine law, and of justice to himself, his family, and the commonwealth, of which he thus approved himself a useful member. Homobonus is a saint by acquitting himself diligently, upon perfect motives of virtue and religion, of all the obligations of his profession.

As Pope Saint homobonus prayer card exhorts us to remember in Evangelii Gaudium, This will enable them truly to serve the common good by striving to increase the goods of this world and to make them more accessible to all. When things get tough at work, as they inevitably do, say a quick prayer to Saint Homobonus and ask for the strength, wisdom, courage and self-control to carry on!

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Saint Homobonus is the Patron...

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