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Joe Rooney, a semi-pro who has been shooting art nudes for years now, does not always have the opportunity or the budget to shoot on location. But based on his experience in spicing up his studio shoots, he came up with a list of ideas for you — ideas that he actually put into practice!

Get inspiration and actionable advice with tons of good ideas right here. I was aiming to "Sexy women photo com" a candid, energetic series within a carefully designed lighting setup.

The one and only true concept pillar here was: Energetic joy, movements, body act and genuine moments are the delightful series we shot.

Get to explore the concept, lighting setup, posing approach and behind the scenes insights. Clamshell lighting is a common way to photograph a head shot and beauty close-up, often used in the fashion world. Get all the details on how to here.

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On location, experimental and colorful: Observe Playmate Coxy Dominika in a bold scene that mainly lives from the tonal contrast aspect and the posing play. Going slightly weird in formal tones using a 3-light setup is key to achieve this rather unconventional look. Founder Stephen Wong talks about his motives, vision, the editorial concept, business model, and more. To add production value for yourself or an additional concept for your client, leave the traditional Boudoir Style path and add a seducing segment, which I classify as Beyond Boudoir.

Soft, Bright, Dark, Dramatic, Colorful: This webinar is all about working with just one light. But the shooting concepts and showcases are not only based on using this single light by modifying it in different ways.

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Dan also had some time to chat with Robert about his very own production work. Dan shoots in his private place a new style of series: Mixing portraiture photography elements with alluring nude photography elements.

This time Dan was collaborating Sexy women photo com a model of different shape, height and hair color.

Dan is experimenting with his own painted backdrops and a simple lighting approach. Dan Hostettler About Retouching: What to pay and for Sexy women photo com Models start using your photos commercially on sites like Patreon?!? New Posts Reply To: In the Garden with Catarina 1 month, 2 weeks ago Reply To: Saving videos for offline viewing!

Q and A Number Raw files for tutorials videos 5 months, 3 weeks ago Reply To: Stephanie Location Work Natural Light only 6 months ago. The shoot was one set out of my series I did for "Creative Nudes Please post a BTS pic here once you shoot with V-flats or alike.

Why you didn't use studio strobes to have move flexibility for faster shooting? Mastering 1-Light Thanks for joining us and your Sexy women photo com, Mark.

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