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What does it mean when your ex starts hookup


Except instead of wagering the lives of wooden or plastic pawns you are wagering your very own emotions. One wrong move can leave you with a broken heart and eating a tub of ice cream.

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This websites main purpose has always been to help women who want to get their ex boyfriends back. I mean, if everyone was super logical then there would be no need for the PRO System.

Not all ex boyfriends are nice. Some have no problem saying exactly what they know a girl wants to hear and then using that girl to their advantage. When you add in the fact that YOU, the ex girlfriend who desperately wants an ex back, is highly emotional you are at a pretty high risk of being used.

I created this guide to educate you on the many different ways that an ex boyfriend can use you and how you can turn the tables on him. While I can understand the initial confusion I promise you that what I have to say in this section is very appropriate for this page. For the past What does it mean when your ex starts hookup I have run Ex Boyfriend Recovery and I feel I have a very close relationship with each and every one of you. This means that I know my audience pretty darn well and if there is one thing I know about you ladies it is that even if your ex is using you, you probably want him back.

While it is not my place to judge you and the decisions you make I do want to make you aware of something.

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I know your life is busy. I know you have places to be, people to text and work to do but I want you to do yourself a favor. All I am asking is that you take 3 minutes of your time "What does it mean when your ex starts hookup" watch this video:.

The average person lives about 28, days. Well, that means that everyone, when they are born, start off with 28, jellybeans. When you look at what the average American spends time wise on each of the things that I listed above that means that you will be left with 2, jellybeans to do with as you please. Time to go out on dates, meet people, enjoy life and do things that What does it mean when your ex starts hookup deem as worthy of those jellybeans.

In PRO I teach something pretty revolutionary. Man Of Your Dreams- Basically, this is your future husband. He IS your prince charming. No, this is speaking directly to that one perfect person for you that is out there. Well, then you will never find love, you will never have a lasting relationship and you will never get married.

In other words, you will never find true happiness. If you were presented with this scenario where your time is extremely valuable how do you think your ex would fare? Would you even want to waste your precious time on someone like this? Would he play with your emotions? Would he treat you like your ex has been treating you? I can tell you one thing. I promise we are getting closer to the different ways in which an ex boyfriend can use you after a breakup. However, before I get to that there is one last thing that has to be discussed.

I rarely say anything like this but the information that I talk about in this section is vital to helping you understand if you are being used by your ex. Hypocrite- A person who claims to have certain beliefs but acts in a way that completely disagrees with those beliefs. In other words, if your ex boyfriend says one thing but does another then that would make him a hypocrite.

Going back to an ex...

For example, if your ex "What does it mean when your ex starts hookup" said to you that he wanted to get a place together at the end of the month.

Well, that would mean that he is claiming that he holds the belief that the two of you will get a place together at the end of the month. Above we established that someone held a certain belief. In other words, if your ex boyfriend got cold feet and backed out of getting that place together at the end of the month by definition that makes him a hypocrite.

Words and actions will be your primary ammunition for deciphering if your ex is using you or not. What does it mean when your ex starts hookup like making things easy for people. I feel that when I complicate subjects that not a lot of people walk away fully grasping that subject. Unfortunately, this entire website is based on a very complicated subject What does it mean when your ex starts hookup. So, the challenge that I am faced with is trying to find a way to easily help you understand the concepts that I want you to understand.

In this case, what I want you to understand is if you are being used by your ex boyfriend or not. So, when I was planning this entire guide out I was lucky enough to find an easy way that can help you determine that.

Let me run through a hypothetical situation to show you exactly how you can use words and actions to determine if an ex is using you. Lets pretend that you and your ex are on talking terms after the breakup. This chemistry eventually leads to a situation where the two of you sleep together.

Unfortunately, day after day goes by and nothing happens. You keep sleeping with your ex and he keeps feeding you some line like. The words seem nice and they are kind of want you want to hear. Ideally, you want to be official as soon as possible but at least when he feeds you this line you feel there could be a future relatively soon.

Rather than manning up and locking you down he keeps using you as a booty call and you fall for it every single time. You see, when we date someone we want to believe that everything they say is the truth.

This is something that I have noticed in my own personal life. For example, maybe I start falling for someone and they start telling me things about themselves. That person could lie about everything and I would believe it without question because I am falling for them. Yes, becoming friends with benefits is the dumbest idea ever more on that later. Because, when you care for someone on that intense of a level you want to believe every little thing that they say and it is easy to be taken advantage of.

If you really want to test and see if your ex is taking advantage of you what you will be looking for is an agreement between his words and his actions.