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You ll get the victory


How to get a Victory Royale [Ultimate Guide! Search in Guides, Tips and Tricks only. You need to practice these tips to get better.

1 Corinthians 10:13

So don't go off thinking you're the new Ninja as soon as you read this. Here I'll be sharing everything you'll need to know for winning!

Feel free to comment if I missed something. Part 1 - Builds. The building part of Fortnite is one of the most important things about Fortnite. It's there for a reason you know?

Rock history is loaded with...

The building also You ll get the victory into hight advantages. Height advantage is where you have the high ground os it is easier to hit your opponent - oh and don't forget, it'll be easier to land headshots! The natural high ground is the best one because players can't knock it down, but if you can't find any hills, just build some. Visit this video I found to help with your building: Always farm materials whenever you get the chance.

Don't always rely on killing opponents to get the loot! Part 2 - Hotbar Slots. This part is mostly personal preference. I'll be talking about hotbar slots.

victory over sin. Memorize Bible...

One thing to keep in mind if you only have 5 Hotbar slots, so you have to use them wisely. I'd recommend having a close-range weapon, a medium range weapon, a long range weapon and some meds. The hotbar that I use is 1st slot: Any sort shotgun that you like. I don't use Bursts. Bolt action or Hunting RIfle. Choose any sniper you like though. Like I said before, it's all personal preference. Choose what you feel comfortable with. Part 3 - Combat. The most You ll get the victory part of Fortnite other than skill and survival is combat.

I'll start combat with aiming.

Before you practice aiming, adjust your settings! Use a sensitivity that you are good with. Use some targets for aiming and the Playground LTM coming soon to practice! Keep engaging in gunfights to get better with the aim, the speed of combat and efficiency! Don't sit around until the end just looting.

Part 4 - Landing.

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