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Tv couples first kisses

The only thing better than...

TV would have you believe this it's always some hugely romantic moment when the stars align and suddenly you and your future significant other can't resist each other any longer, which may be the case for some of you lucky ones out there. Love blossoms in all sorts of places though, and while we may not get the appropriate song to soundtrack these special moments in our lives, we can always live vicariously through the characters of our favourite TV shows who do.

Yes, there's some that will argue that Tim and Dawn were the original Office couple but for us, it was all about the two season-long courtship that saw Jim fall hopelessly in love with his office bestie Pam, who just so happened to be engaged. It all came to a head in the second season finale, in Tv couples first kisses was actually the first episode written by Steve Carell.

These two possibly took Tv couples first kisses longest to get together out of all the TV Tv couples first kisses on the list.

For seven whole seasons Niles harboured feelings for his dad's physiotherapist, and they really did leave it until the last minute to finally get their act together. Daphne was set to walk down the aisle with Donny, while Niles, having given up all hope of being with Daphne, marries Mel.

A situation that would rarely be surmounted in the real world, but the TV Gods can thankfully do what they like. These two genuinely started out as friends and bar the odd moment or two in the early days, their growing feelings for each other were very subtly played out.

They may not have been able to make it work as a couple but we still all know they'll eventually end up together. Forget Dawson and Joey, that show was really only about one couple, and that was Pacey and Joey. Maybe it was our naive teenage years, but we really didn't see this one coming, and neither did Joey as it happened. Pacey may have stepped all over his best mate's heart in the process, but at least it gave the world cry face.

This pair had so many sparks between them it could have burned the whole bar now, Tv couples first kisses they truly were the one of the first and best TV couples we couldn't help root for.

They had absolutely nothing in common, and at times seemed to really just hate each other. As we all know though, there's a fine line Undoubtedly the sweetest first kiss of all on the list, and unusual in that it happened in the pilot episode of this iconic TV show.

Winnie's brother Brian is killed in action in Vietnam and childhood friends Kevin and Winnie meet in a nearby woods and share this kiss together. It may have took a long time after for a second kiss to come, but we always knew it was inevitable.

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