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Recently, I received a request to join Founderdating. The request came from someone I respect in the business world so I decided to check it Founderdating. Interesting concept, FounderDating is set up to connect entrepreneurs with potential partners and advisors.

The theory is that those looking for funding, advice, partners, and mentors can explore the membership database and find what they are looking for. They can use FounderDating to explore and discover. The approval process for becoming an advisor has a couple of layers. You have Founderdating provide other people who can vouch for you. Like so many sites this one is connected to LinkedIn. This makes it pretty easy to identify the people who you want to ask to vouch for you.

Some Founderdating respond right away, and others ask if the email actually came from you. Founderdating points Founderdating an interesting thing. It might be better for FounderDating Founderdating allow the applicant to format the subject line themselves, something that could possibly sound more authentic. Having said that, I had no problem assuring these people that it was, indeed, me asking for the help and they willingly posted a Founderdating.

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