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Monacolin k fdating


Monascus isolates obtained FG-8 belonging to the red Monascus Monascus rubber.

Fermentation temperature, starting PH value, the amount of loading meters, inoculum size, permeability, fermentation time and other parameters, and added precursor and a different carbon sources, nitrogen sources like different, Effect of red rice fermentation product yield Monacolin K and citrinin; based on this, the response surface methodology optimized fermentation conditions of high Monacolin K Monascus obtain Monacolin k fdating Monacolin K and not detected red citrinin yeast rice, is the optimum fermentation medium: Isolation Yield Monacolin K Monascus strain and the most optimal base material on rice, red rice fermentation optimization, thereby preparing an enriched Monaco I in K and not detected red yeast rice citrinin.

The PDA plate medium, was isolated from a strain of Monascus Monascus different waste water sludge yellow Fujian wineries, and different sources of red rice and commercial rice Monacolin k fdating samples and purified after incubation, the obtained 40 strains of Monascus, purified strains were cultured on a PDA slant medium.

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