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Farouk el baz wife sexual dysfunction


The police officer is currently under psychiatric care within the framework of a "confusional episode". He asked that society "believe his story, since this had never happened to me before, and I didn't believe in any of this before.

But one stood out in...

It should be noted that the strange episode which had the officer as its protagonist, took place between the evening of March 2nd and early morning on Friday, March 3rd in the rural region of Dorila.

Pucheta, who was hospitalized at the Gobernador Centeno Hospital until noon Monday, only recently got in touch with the local press at his home on th and 25th streets where he lives with with his wife pregnant and his in-laws.

First, Pucheta showed a video made during the first days of February at a site close to the one where last Thursday's experience occurred. The images taken by the police officer show a round light apparently rotating on its axis. It should be noted that this video was requisitioned by Minister Tierno in the early hours of Friday the 3rd while the police combed the area searching for the missing officer, who finally "appeared" at around Moreover, the videotape was also requested by Pampan ufologist "Quique" Mario, who returned to General Pico yesterday to secure further Farouk el baz wife sexual dysfunction on Pucheta's ordeal.

Sergio Pucheta met with the media from General Pico at When I got back on the motorcycle and was about to put on my helmet, the red light appeared in front of me, against my face and very strong. I couldn't move the rest of my body The corporal explained that he has worked for the police force for some 8 years and that for the last two he has served in the Cattle Rustling Division Division Abigeato engaging in patrols between Pucheta also noted that as he ran into the rural field "they were always behind me", in reference to two pursuing entities.

He likewise added "I can't recall if I was walking or running" and noted having remembered all of his life in a matter of seconds "from when I was little until now that I'm older, everything good or bad that ever happened to me. I felt very scared and stood there staring at it.

It was getting closer and closer Farouk el baz wife sexual dysfunction that's when I felt them tell me "either you go forward or backward".

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