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So then where is the Antichrist depicted.? Ti and Do said that the ALL the space aliens were the fallen angels. Now yes, we know that there are many humans in places in power that are also of their seed.

Now for the Antichrist reappearing in a physical body again. I believe this is depicted in some detail in:. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. Remember green was the original way in which we thought of space aliens — green Martians, the moon was made of green cheese.

Then there is green as from the emerald isle so there may be some Irish linkage. And green also has a military connotation as the camouflage of marines, thus some military aspect can be engaged, even martial law as some fear is down the road. And finally green in perhaps the biggest way that is a result of what many of the space aliens have said through contactees and channelers that is becoming the battle cry all over the world and congress is meeting about as we speak, the environmental green movement that is claiming humans are bringing about the global warming trend.

When I was researching Romney with his LDS leadership and space alien affiliations in their more secretive beliefs, he really seemed to fit for a number of reasons but I know there are Single and sober hookup slaa meetings seattle who can fit that role. There is a lot more on this and I have been given the keys to opening up all the scriptures eventually though I can only do so a little at a time. You know well how hard it was for you to grasp the reality to the way scriptures and space aliens intermingle.

For instance the grays of Whitley Strieber are horrendous looking as with other contactee and abductee depictions. Ti had one drawn and I put it on my broadcasts that I put on my YouTube channel 3spm if you want to see it. They look kind and loving and gentle and have slightly larger than human heads and slightly larger eyes but other than that are very pleasant-looking and are humanoid like the Lord said they created humans in their likeness which was a visual likeness in the Hebrew.

The Level Above Human wants us all to have the choice of what to believe. That is also part of the grade level sorting process. This next set of verses further demonstrates this thinking:. Humans do Single and sober hookup slaa meetings seattle have to respond this way.

I came not to send peace, but a sword. Now with all this documentation, the Next Level still wants each human to have the choice to embrace this thinking or not.

For this reason of providing choice, the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens are allowed periodically to influence humans:. For instance no other teachers disallowed children from joining with their parents as Jesus instructed for his disciples.

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And a number of other terms. In this way the Next Level uses all beings and entities spirits according to what each has become, to help in some way the humans that are asking for help. Then stepping down from human is the animal, Single and sober hookup slaa meetings seattle plant and then mineral kingdoms. In the Evolutionary Level Above Human there is no domination in the same in the way they design all the other kingdom levels for temporary life.

All the creatures and component life forms all have a limited life span, even without predators. And this Next Level, the short form that Ti and Do coined put limitations on what humans and human equivalent space aliens can do and the timing of when they will Single and sober hookup slaa meetings seattle a civilization to flourish in certain ways.

This included two main categories of human behavior and ways to overcome:. Certainly some of the priests tell the individual they need to apologize to whoever they offend or hurt or trip up or whatever it is they did that they believed was a sin. But all this really needs to be communicated by each person directly to their Heavenly Father. The Next Level knows this will happen and it served Them by sorting out those who would never make the grade anyway.

However those who received some of their seed, even though it is still challenging think all they say makes total sense. Alert, because of the way history is always evidenced as distorted, the use of religious and or spiritual references and terms have become relatively obsolete. The original records have been largely co-opted into religion, when they still hold the truth, what is most real in that exact words attributed to that historic Jesus.

The first time they set the world on fire as I said, doing so by their words was when they became known internationally as the UFO Two, saying they were from outer space, had come to update the bible and to fulfill prophecy. You see, they knew that what people were referring to as Heaven, was actually two things. They were both the plainest Jane looking couple and NOT a couple in any human physical sense that you would find making any kind of claim as they were making.

It may look similar but the space aliens are strictly creating a facsimile of this as they learned that this was the way it was done, when they were in an early training program, having some limited relationship and elementary tasks watchers as their training. They created a free will system whereby the creatures themselves determine their future within the structure of each limited life span of the human body, by what they choose to believe when the truth is presented to them.

For Jesus it was designed to occur to serve as proof to his student body who needed that proof at that time. People were told they were going "Single and sober hookup slaa meetings seattle" leave on a flying saucer. I was one of them that joined and was with them for 19 years.

Ti and Do were in Brownsville, Texas and decided to break the story of who they knew themselves to be to the press but when they called the press to say they had a scoop for them, the reporter thought it was a drug trafficking tip so-called the police who showed up at the motel where Ti and Do were staying and learned of their theft accusations and took them to jail. Charges were dropped for both, but the St.

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So Do was in jail for 6 months before it was going to be brought to trial and he was given the choice then to cop a plea of guilty and receive a 4 month sentence or go through a trial. Ti said when people pray for the truth that request goes to us, speaking of their team in the Next Level assigned to answer the phone as Ti and Do talked about it, even before the ET movie.

Of course the fast track to the truth in my opinion is to simply ask Ti and Do if they are the return of the Father and Son Jesus in the new bodies they said they would come in with new names, etc. May the peace of our Older Members be with you.

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Single and sober hookup slaa meetings seattle have been threatened and do expect to lose my human life in service to Ti and Do and that is not a pleasant thought. My story is posted on my blog, listed on my web site info on this comment book.

I have been visited by both Ti and Do many times over the years in dreams that were as real feeling as can be. Dream can and are used by the lower forces as well so we can be tricked. There is no group. There is no cult. There are no leaders in human bodies.

I am a fellow student who had the direct contact so do provide experience but Ti and Do left behind a wealth of audio and video and documentation of all they believed and taught and did that is all very obtainable still on the internet but which I will point anyone to that asks. Many articles have been written that seek to debunk who they said they were.

That is always an option they even want us to have, to disbelieve it all. There are many inaccuracies and half-truths and outright lies stated as truth and fact on Wikipedia, etc. However any serious seeker will not stop with hearing only one side. For the record there is no Group any more and there is no need for one and there are no leaders but there are believers. This is why most Christians whether they know it or not are followers of the Space Aliens that influenced Paul of Tarsus instead of knowing what Jesus was really all about.

Before getting started, I am certain that Ti and Do and Crew and current Believers would never, ever abduct anyone, nor abuse anyone mentally or physically in the slightest way. They are the ultimate in respect of life and free will to live. Also there was Single and sober hookup slaa meetings seattle manipulation or deceit or lies or human motivations. And there was zero sexuality of any kind.

So any insinuations of anything like this is always disinformation. However, if anyone has an allegation, I will do all I can to get to the bottom of it as I have done here as I am not a Pollyanna believers. I have nothing against them personally.

I just want to stick to the most reliable truth for as long as possible.

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