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Squish asexual crush


By breadddApril 20, in Aromantic Discussion. Oh yes, you all Squish asexual crush that this topic would come up sometime. Don't even try to deny it. I was thinking the other day about crushes and squishes, and I was wondering how people can tell the difference. From what I've heard, they're very similar. Usually the distinctions vary on the person.

What do you consider romantic and what do you consider platonic? Otherwise FWB just wouldn't exist or be a thing. Although I've never really had an intense squish that comes with sexual attraction, I do think that it's possible.

My friends say they always get fluttering feelings in their stomach and they think about kissing them and stuff when they're around their crushes. They think about their crushes all the time. Maybe someone who experiences romantic attraction would want to add to this? Some thing that I've noticed that Squish asexual crush me differentiate from a crush are: That's been a problem for me because alloro people don't normally understand the concept of QPRs and that's what I want, but I'm afraid it would be weird to ask them about it.

I don't really know many aro people irl and squishing on alloro people seems to be unavoidable. I think its so difficult to tell squish and chrush apart. You can check out the three following threads for some more information:. What is a Crush? Squish asexual crush

Squish asexual crush is the line between sexual and romantic behaviour? I didn't even notice that. Also if she ever does get in a proper relationship I won't care or feel abandoned because I guess that if she's happy I'm happy and we won't stop speaking to one-another. I been in a sort of QPR.

And he were allo, and I thought I were too because I didnt knew aromantism existed. I could never clearly tell the difference, so lately I've been calling them all crushes, because whatever - it's not like I want to act on them anyway. Of course, since I don't want romance or a partner, it might make more sense to call them all squishes Oh, and this might sound paradoxical, but to me a "squish" implies more strongly, that you actually want to get close to the person.

As a Squish asexual crush, but still. What comes to a "crush", people have celebrity crushes and such all the time, without wanting to get close to the person. I know why I should like the person. But of course other people need different definitions.

Ironically, the definitions of genders are tied to the definition of a crush for me. I agree that a lot of distinctions Squish asexual crush can be made are up to the individual like physical affection and butterflies but I think what separates squishes and crushes is how you see the person. Could you see yourself in a romantic relationship? If not it's probably not a crush. While there are a lot of similar feelings, alloromantics want to be in a romantic relationship with someone they have feelings for.

This was what made me realise that I was aromantic because no matter how strong my feelings were I never wanted a relationship with them. I've always wanted a qpr, even before I knew what they were. It's the kind of relationship I can see myself in when I have feelings for a person regardless of genderbut if not I just don't think about it.

Like right now, I don't have any platonic feelings so I don't feel like getting into a qpr. Squish asexual crush squishes are the same except I don't want physical closeness, and I do get jealous. So swap the number 2s for me! Are squishes and crushes mutually exclusive?

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