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Patron saint of the falsely accused


Dominic Savio did not live passed age Despite his short life on Earth, he was able to do many small, but great things. By age four, St. Dominic had memorized many of his prayers, and showed a deep understanding of the Catholic faith.

A Patron Saint for the...

He became an alter boy at age five, and served at Mass everyday he could. At that time, most people received the Holy Communion in their teens, however, St. Dominic was granted special permission to begin at age seven. While preparing to receive his First Communion, he wrote down four resolutions:. Dominic was eleven, a boy in his class put snow and trash in the school stove during the winter. When the angry teacher asked who did it, the boy accused St.

The teacher threatened to expel St. Dominic, and he was scolded in front of his class. The whole time, St. Dominic was silent and did not tell on the culprit, or defend himself.

Saint Gerard became the patron...

Later, the teacher found out that St. Dominic was innocent, and apologized for scolding him. I remembered how Our Lord had been unjustly accused, and I hoped that if I kept silence he would be given another chance. The next year, St. Dominic Savio entered a school in Turin ran by St. He hoped to eventually become a priest, but on the way he did his best to help not only himself but his friends to Heaven.

One day, two of his friends got very angry with each other.

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