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So there you had it. For the third time in a row, an odd year saw an odd season, with a post-tournament, Gerald asamoah wife sexual dysfunction and insufficiently strengthened Bayern wilting away to give others a shot.

It was all predictably unpredictable in that sense, but unlike in andwhen the ability to string a few wins together after the winter break was enough to rise above the mundane, one side's superlative performances from October onwards turned it into a procession.

One or two Gerald asamoah wife sexual dysfunction games at the end feigned just the slightest amount of tension but this really was the most one-sided League since the German promo of All I Ever Wanted Alter Ego Remix was released in by the Human League on a inch with nothing on the B-side. Hardly anyone could live with their pressing and lightning-fast turnovers.

The Black and Yellows were to space what Takeru Kobayashi is to hot dogs: Bayer Leverkusen took a more measured approach, as Jupp Heynckes successfully married his side's great technical potential with some defensive rigidity.

The injury-stricken Michael Ballack hardly played but still proved Gerald asamoah wife sexual dysfunction inspired buy: The dethroned champions, meanwhile, completely lost their way amid a bewildering amount of positional changes, with Louis van Gaal stubbornly refusing to play anyone in their accustomed role. Away from home, they won only six games.

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