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Hookup smith and wesson j frame revolvers


All of these handguns are guns that I would label high exposure.

They are seen at target ranges, in the hunting field, worn openly on the belt of peace officers, as well as campers, hikers, fisherman, in fact, all types of sportsmen. Larger calibers are carried for more serious purposes such as hunting and law enforcement. These are the guns carried concealed by civilians and peace officers alike. These are the guns kept in countless bedside stands, under store counters, in tackle boxes, and day packs.

These lightweight easily concealable handguns are the J-frames. This was not the famous. These were followed by the Perfected Model. At the same time that the top-break. Shortly after production began on the. Wesson worked with son Joseph to develop a completely different style of revolver. Lucian Cary, a well known gun writer of forty years ago relates the following legend.

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He told his wife that he would make a revolver that could be safely kept in the bureau drawer. It was his custom to receive his grandchildren every Sunday. No doubt it was tough on the grandchildren. Daniel Wesson must have been a fearsome man, with his thick body, his great beard, and his virtue Hookup smith and wesson j frame revolvers obviously did not understand grandfathers and grand children and the bond between them! But on one occasion it was his young grandchild who put it over.

Daniel Wesson made a revolver he thought no child could fire. Harold was only eight years old but he knew that his grandfather expected him to fail. Maybe that gave him a shot in the arm. Harold tugged at the trigger with all his strength and fired the gun. His grandfather went sadly back to his shop—not that day, of course, which was Sunday, but on Hookup smith and wesson j frame revolvers following Monday.

Some weeks later he again presented a revolver to Harold and asked him to pull the trigger. Harold did his best. It had a bar in the back of the grip supported by a spring. You had to squeeze the grip hard enough to depress the spring and pull the double action trigger at the same time in order to fire the gun. No child of eight had the strength to do both at once. The New Departure was an uncommonly safe bureau drawer revolver.

The Safety Hammerless, so designated by the fact that the hammer was completely enclosed by the revolver frame, became the first really practical pocket gun. Five hundred thousand of these were made in.

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