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Kontaktspray elektronik ersatz homosexual relationship


When I turn it on the lights come up, and the pre-set buttons still work, but it produces no sound.

If you want a vintage synth restoration project, or have an old Polysix, and would like another one for parts, this is your keyboard!!! Click here to browse on eBay. You are looking at a used Sequential Circuits Six Trak synth in very good condition. The keyboard and case have some cosmetic flaws — a chip in one key and what appears to be a cigarette burn in another, and a scratch along the outer case see picturesbut otherwise works fine.

Currently all presets are stored with the same sound, so you will probably want to try a factory reset or program your own sounds from scratch using the interface on the keyboard see video below or Kontaktspray elektronik ersatz homosexual relationship software via MIDI. Today I opened the flight case for the first time since the Kontaktspray elektronik ersatz homosexual relationship was purchased to find the the foam disintegrating.

I removed the synth and gave it a real good cleaning.

Gerätezuleitung regelmäßig von einer Elektro-Fachkraft...

This one came from a studio in Nashville. The left most C has a mechanical problem inside. That one I know why. A spring hits a metal bar when the key is pressed, just like all the others. I put contact cleaner in all of them. Pitch Bend slider on far left is in poor shape. There are stickers on all the keys with the note.

I hear an effect from all switches except: Cosmetically, it has two small flaws. I have owned this instrument since The electronic condition of the instrument is excellent Kontaktspray elektronik ersatz homosexual relationship the cosmetic condition of the instrument is very good with only a few minor scratches. All sliders and modules work but the instrument may need tuning and slider lubrication.

Hinzu gibt es eine Effektbank, wie z. Zudem fehlt schon seit dem Kauf die Leiste unter der Tastatur, dort ist der Synth offen. Bei zwei Tasten kommt gar kein Ton raus. Bei dem externen Controller funktionieren leider auch 7 Tasten nicht mehr. Same as the Siel Orchestra from Italy.

When you bring the slider up sound goes away. Everything else seems fine. All keys work all sounds and sliders do what they should. Calibrated by pro Technician. Upgrading the power supply will improve oscillator stability and reduce cross talk between audio circuits. My Tech removed the stock power supply and install an oversize, high current, fast response time, low noise, power supply to supply plenty of clean current to the system.

These highly stable illuminated sliders transform your unreliable old doorstop Kontaktspray elektronik ersatz homosexual relationship a precision instrument on par with the ARP The difference in reliability and accuracy is astonishing! The illumination is optional and the color coded sliders are clearly visible without the illumination.

This also gives you helpful visual feedback when triggering the unit from an external source. Checked by well known tech here in France. All the switches and sliders are smooth and easy to Kontaktspray elektronik ersatz homosexual relationship. Sorry for the quality of the photos, I made them with my IPhone. You are welcome to come to my studio, see it and test it in details.

Amaizing sound, great sound design possibilities and outstanding Phasing. Very unique, typical ARP sound! You already know how rare and unique this synth is!

I will ship it worldwide but you have to know that this instrument is fragile, as any 35 years old instrument. The foam lining of the case is deteriorating and will need to be replaced. Es gibt ein paar Videos auf Youtube, die allerdings nicht von mir sind.

Angeboten wird ein Synthesizers. Weitere Bilder auf Anfrage. Da ich leider immer weniger zum Spielen komme trenne ich mich von einem meiner Lieblingsinstrumente. Dieser Synthesizer ist als Hybrid anzusehen. Ausserdem ist dieser Synth einer der ersten, der einen umfangreichen Sequencer an Bord hatte.