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148.9fm shares phone number for customer service


When you think of hour support, you may envision some large corporate company with outsourced phone support, or perhaps teams in the same country with some folks pulling the graveyard shift.

Yet as more companies embrace remote culture, hour support becomes more attainable and realistic for smaller companies whose customers need help around the clock. Our transition to hour support came about after continually facing a variety of challenges.

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Around the time that started coming to a head, our product experienced a status issue during the European workday, around 4 a. EST, when no one on support was available to help.

It caused a lot of havoc — unhappy customers and a frantic team. As a remote company, it fit our vision at Help Scout to hire a global customer support team.

Amanda, our new teammate in France, alleviated the burden of after-hours emails that previously filled up the inbox during the night. Shortly after, I came aboard to help our Australian and Asian customers and to address any late-night issues for folks in the Americas. Now, we can simply pass the baton to the next phone number for customer service. Our international customers, who previously waited several hours or even until the next day to receive answers, now receive a reply within a few minutes " phone number for customer service" an hour.

In Aprilright before hiring Amanda our third team member our First Response Time was 2 hours, 7 minutes, with a Response Time of 2 hours, 36 minutes.

You might begin by asking a few questions: Are your response times consistent with company goals? Is your current support team overwhelmed? Weigh your options, match them side-by-side, and see if the pieces start to fit together.

Remote hiring is often a better fit for round-the-clock support. We alternate our support team meetings each week to allow Amanda to join one week and me to join the next, and we send the other person the audio recording of what they missed.

If your business only caters to a certain region, having folks work the usual makes total sense. Joincustomer-obsessed readers on our mailing list. Kelly is on the support team at Help Scout.

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