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Orthodox view on homosexuality


Can I be chrismated anyway? How will the other members of the church treat me?


The church as a loving community, following the example of Christ, welcomes to its life of faith all sincere seekers with their gifts, their individual personalities, their peculiarities, and even sins.

Just as Christ embraced humanity to heal and liberate people according to his image and likeness, so also the church opens its arms to all in order to share the fullness of grace and truth, evangelizing, baptizing, and teaching all that Christ has commanded Matthew As you consider the welcome prospect of membership in the Orthodox Church, the critical question is whether you are willing to take the church on its own terms, in light of its own mission, or only on your own terms. Is it perhaps its antiquity, colorful worship, or historical Orthodox view on homosexuality Are you, as well, willing to be challenged by "Orthodox view on homosexuality" witness in its entirety, including its doctrine, ethical teaching, and spirituality?

You mention that you are gay, suggesting that you wonder if being gay may bar you from membership. Perhaps you know that, according to traditional Orthodox teaching, homosexual activity is a sin like adultery, fornication, and other acts of sexual impurity.

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