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Reproduce sexually and asexually



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Reproduction or procreation or breeding is the biological process by which new individual organisms — "offspring" — are produced from their "parents". Reproduction is a fundamental feature of all known life ; each individual organism exists as the result of reproduction. There are two forms of reproduction: In asexual reproduction, an organism can reproduce without the involvement of another organism. Asexual reproduction is not limited to single-celled organisms. The cloning of an organism is a form of asexual reproduction.

By asexual reproduction, an organism creates a genetically similar or identical copy of itself. The evolution of sexual reproduction is a major puzzle for biologists. Sexual reproduction typically requires the sexual interaction of two specialized organisms, called gametes , which contain half the number of chromosomes of normal cells and are created by meiosis , with typically a male fertilizing a female of the same species to create a fertilized zygote.

This produces offspring organisms whose genetic characteristics are derived from those of the two parental organisms.


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Is he a user ? Asexual reproduction is a type of reproduction by which offspring arise from a single organism, It is not entirely understood why the ability to reproduce sexually is so common among them. Current hypotheses suggest that asexual. Why are most organisms sexual? The question of why most species reproduce sexually and others reproduce asexually has stymied biologists..

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  • Only one parent is needed to reproduce; it tends to take a shorter amount of time; the offpsring have identical characteristics to their parent; in general, asexual reproduction is more reliable.
  • Many organisms can reproduce sexually as well as asexually. Aphids, slime molds, sea anemones.
  • Asexual reproduction is a type of reproduction by which offspring arise from a single organism, It is not entirely understood why the ability to reproduce sexually is so common among them. Current hypotheses suggest that asexual. Some fungi are able to reproduce both sexually and asexually. Fungi reproduce using spores which they release into the environment. A new fungus will grow.
BREAKING UP WITH A GEMINI MAN Asexual reproduction [1] is a type of reproduction by which offspring arise from a... VERONICA HART PICTURES 707 Reproduce sexually and asexually Sexual reproduction involves two parents and the joining of male and female gametes during fertilisation. Fling com girls Why are most organisms sexual? The question of why most species reproduce sexually and others...

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Reproduce sexually and asexually

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    Asexual reproduction

    The hyphae of the common mold Rhizopus are capable of producing both mitotic as well as meiotic spores. Perspectives in Animal Phylogeny and Evolution. Most mammals reproduce sexually. The offspring are clones of the parent and each other.

    These two main strategies are known as K-selection few offspring and r-selection many offspring. The benefit of introducing genetic variation into the species , however, outweighs this disadvantage.

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