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Nphc dating


This Nphc dating fact has had a great impact on my dating life … positive and negative. In some cases it has played a role in the demise my potential relationships, in other cases it became one of the only reasons me and the Nphc dating person continued to interact.

Some people feel just as strongly about my affiliation as I feel about women who voted for George W. Where do I fall in all of this?

Well …I have slight preferences but not strong ones. I know some people are going to be mad … but I sure do love me a Delta women. You should not date or not date me because of my affiliation.

I was a good person before I joined and I am still a good man although a bit more Ice Cold afterward. There is one valid reason I see for really being hard set on a preference … just one. That is … to avoid dealing with the ignorance. That being said … know that Nphc dating Greek Affiliation will not protect you from the following dating pitfalls. If you really think those sterotypes are going to ensure happiness, let me know.

Let me first say… I am NOT greek. Heck, I even play flag football with a team of Que Dogs and Deltas. This being said… I have seen a lot and also have dated my share of greeks. I don't think it really matters if someone pledged a particular greek organization although I love myself some Alpha men too, lol … I was never really caught up on the "OOooo you're a what? A couple of guys Nphc dating my football team prefer to only date greek women… they feel the women in greek organizations understand them better… go figure.

I'm a non-Greek currently dating a Greek Kappaan I'll admit it has taken getting some used to. I've had to accept that wanting to spend that much time with a bunch of "Nphc dating" rather than with me cuz I'm pretty freaking awesome is not suspect in this context.

Nphc dating I'm getting better, but it still frustrates me sometimes. Yeah, I would have thought it was suspect too lol. But step practice is no joke for greeks… they have to Nphc dating every step right and make sure they always look good doing it.

I think the older you get the less you really care about who you date re their BGLO affliation. But I had thought previously about a grad chapter.

I went to college where the only sisterhood they cared about was the universal one of traveling pants headed by the late Betty Friedan. I will say this, I usually don't ask a lot of "secret society" questions if I am dating a greek. I've heard some stories that involved dead people thats all i'll say.

And I wouldn;t let dude sleep one night. I wanted the run down. I have never dated a woman in a sorority so I can't comment on that.

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