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Aquarius man making the first move in dating


The mystery of an Aquarius man. They are open-minded, social animals who are easy to connect with, yet coolly emotionally detached. Spock from the original Star Trekthey are absent of emotional display, self-controlled, and Aquarius man making the first move in dating. These guys dance to the beat of their own drum and don't mind dancing alone, which means you're likely to have to alter your usual seduction strategy.

So, what's a guy or gal to do when they want to attract an Aquarius man and make them give chase? Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac; this indicates that if you want to attract an Aquarius man, forget about body beautiful and any physical or emotional seduction or game playing.

An Aquarius male is a cerebral guy, and he's far more interested in your smarts. Accentuating your eccentricities will spark an Aquarian man's curiosity. They are turned on by the unusual, the unique, and the unconventional. So, smile, have fun, and be quirky enough to be interesting and intriguing. Keep in mind that being "quirky" isn't just a fashion statement.

Aquarius man making the first move in dating a way of being that will catch an Aquarius man by surprise and thrill him with your wonder of the of the world and its diversity of individuals.

So, focus on your unique qualities and find ways to let them shine, even if you've felt shy about doing it before. Aquarians are extremely interested in people and what they have to say, so let an Aquarian man probe your mind and examine his. You don't have to have a high IQ, but you do need to be curious and interdisciplinary in your thinking.

An Aquarius man enjoys spending time with a person who mentally stimulates him, and one who is also stimulatable - someone who is interested in his ideas but also has ideas of their own. Don't just listen, talk and don't be afraid to express your thoughts and ideas, no matter unconventional you might believe they are.

Wanna know why he acts...

Enjoy the conversation but be prepared and don't take it personally if he tells you the you are totally off base. However, he wants to hear about every aspect of your life. So, be yourself and show him the many sides of yourself, the more unusual, the better. These guys are attracted to truth and honesty and can't stand pretense.

So be honest and let him know you're interested.

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