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Dating a muslim lebanese man


Fawaz and Katoura's religious unions received a mixed reaction on social media [Facebook]. Images Marwa Fawaz and Botrous Katoura went viral last week, but the newlyweds also came under attack for choosing to marry in a religious ceremony deemed unacceptable by the state, as well as some Muslim traditionalists.

According to marriage laws in Lebanon - where some 18 religious communities exist - unions between people of different faiths are not recognised. Interfaith couples must choose to convert to one religion or the other in order to marry in a religious ceremony. The state does not offer civil marriages so interfaith couples have often travelled abroad to perform civil ceremonies that are then recognised in Lebanon.

Fawaz - a Muslim Dating a muslim lebanese man and Katoura - a Christian - chose to buck the trend in the southern Lebanese town of Tibnine.

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The couple fell in love seven years ago and decided to have both Islamic and Christian ceremonies to allow each to keep their own religion, according to Lebanese daily Annahar. Fawaz and Katoura first held a Muslim wedding ceremony ahead of the church wedding, according to the newspaper.

The ceremony was carried out based on a ruling that allows Muslims to marry "People of the Book", which refers to Dating a muslim lebanese man and Christians.

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Previously the main traditional Muslim schools of religious law generally held that a female Muslim is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim male. A Muslim man is, however, allowed to marry women belonging to the Abrahamic faiths or "the Peoples of the Book".

In performing the ceremony for Fawaz and Katoura, the Muslim cleric made an emphatic ruling vocalised increasingly over recent decades by different scholars Dating a muslim lebanese man especially in North America - that state Muslim women were never prohibited from marrying outside their faith.

Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian men...

However, to be able to register their marriage officially in Lebanon the couple had to carry out a civil wedding abroad. Photos of Fawaz and Katoura's religious unions last week received a mixed reaction on social media.

Some voiced their outrage at the move, dismissing both religious ceremonies as illegitimate. The marriage contract is annulled as it is not permissible in either religions!

He too has betrayed his religion as this marriage is illegitimate. The clerics have also betrayed their religions by agreeing to marry them! Some, however, hailed the couple for portraying an image of coexistence.

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