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Fake experience certificate in bangalore dating


I feel sad, confused, helpless, lack of life interest, low confidence, alone I don't have polio, I have not lost any body part because of disease or accident, I don't lose money in gambling, I don't have cancer, I don't get into debt, I don't get divorced, I don't lost my parents or closest family member, i am not an alcoholic, I am straight, I am not transgender, I have not lost my kids in accident, I don't lost everything in natural disaster, I haven't lost my father or mother or brother or wife or kid.

Since a long time I have been facing some issues. When i wake up i feel so tired. I try to take coffee or tea but it doesn't work out on me. I have tired cigarettes. I have volunteered to some social Fake experience certificate in bangalore dating in past to improve.

I have back pain and neck pain and shoulder pain since so long, approx 8 years. I have had eye burning issues for a very long time. I can't focus while reading for learning new things or reading for exams since 12 years. I started having headaches when i try to think deeper to do programming.

I guess i can't manage stress or more working hours stress and learning new things on deadline. I guess i can't perform well because of back pain and eye burning and low memory. I have taken art of living courses, I used to go to bhakti in art of living, I have tried vipassana, I have tried iskcon concept to improve life and do chatting of krishna, I had visited swaminarayan to get gyan from them to resolve my life issues, I had done chatting and writing of gayatri mantra, I had visited monks of ramakrishna mission to Fake experience certificate in bangalore dating help, I used to go to shiva temple to get help from god shiva, I have listen to Osho to Fake experience certificate in bangalore dating help from his talks, I have visited few baba to ask solutions to my problem.

A year-old who was arrested...

I have visited mind healing centers to get mental support. I have organize gayatri yagna for strength. I have taken clinical psychology treatment for few months because of sleeplessness at nights.

I had taken following medicines. Clonazepam Flupentixol and Melitracen Paroxetine pantoprazole 40 mg domperidone 10 mg methylcobalamin. I had consulted few astrologers over 3 years of periods. They predict such bad things about my life, and they also tell me about problems i faced since last 12 years.

Most of them said that i am dreaming about so high desires but Fake experience certificate in bangalore dating of them will be complete. They said that i have very high sexual desires which will never be satisfied. I will never go to foreign countries. I will not perform good in job or business. I have to depend on my parents and my wife will rule on me.

I can't become father because of low sperms count or other sexual issues. I have wavering mind. I can't focus on one task and finish it. During these whole period i used Fake experience certificate in bangalore dating get worried about my parents growing age and feeling of loosing them or they will leave me.

In which first Sign is backpain. I don't know but i feel that i have it because of masturbation or working on computers with bad posture or may be because of depression. I had tried to get good marks in 12th science but i can't get it. I had tired to study hard in Engineering but i can't get good grades in college too.

I have searched for job for so long time. I went to Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai etc I have taken wrong decisions on those days. I was thinking that i should try to get into MNCs to prove myself that i am not dumb. I also believe that I didn't learn programming in college appropriately but i could learn it MNCs.

I also believed that to get job in MNCs is good for overall good life.

But i couldn't get job into that. But i couldn't get it. I have searched for job around one year after graduation.

I have prepared for around one year but i get low score in all MBA exams. I spent around 30k on exams and form fees of colleges. I have spent 40k on coaching. At that time i can get admission by paying lacs in MBA colleges. I have joined 2 company.

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In the second job they fire me because i had taken urgent medical leave after 2 weeks of joining. During these period I have also try to apply in banking jobs, government jobs, railway jobs.

I would like to Fake experience certificate in bangalore dating my luck and I give it for change. After getting low scores in CAT. I have decided to start job. So at the end after so many struggle i have decided to add 6 months of fake experience. I like to stay in this company for at least 2 years. But I left this company in 8 months. I have started there and left before one month.

I thought it was good "Fake experience certificate in bangalore dating" to join and get more learning opportunity. I worked in 3rd company for 7 months. When i had got selected in forth company. It looks big company and i thought i can learn and earn in this. I have try to certification in technical tool but i failed in that too. I have tried for 2 times and i spent 14, Rs in that.

So at the end I get one job.

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