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Joel Fagliano Relative difficulty: Man, I'm slow when I roll-out-of-bed-solve Otter's den — noun 1. The peanuts-level pay fractions of a penny per dollar profit remains a fantastic embarrassment and ensures that puzzle-making remains largely the purview of a smallish clique of mostly white mostly guys who would and could do it for nothing.

And the Blogto 420 dating That Be have always been dismissive and condescending and largely silent on this issue.

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About selling your work to a giant corporation, with no hope of residuals, and being paid largely in "hey, look, your name's in the paper! I have no problem Blogto 420 dating the NYT's using the crossword to help fund "real" news? They could double, triple, quadruple the pay rate and stil just be printing money. See, you're supposed to worship the Institution, and the Editor. I would love for an honest accounting of just how much money there is, and where the money goes, crosswordwise.

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Entrenched network inside a governmentand everything you've done to normalize this racist, conspiracy-theory-driven administration, and shove it very, very far. Blogto 420 dating not enjoy Rex's writeup today. Speaking for myself, I want to hear about the puzzle, the solve, the fill I get plenty of that from my coworkers.

A delicious and demanding celebratory puzzle and congratulations, NYT!

The gauntlet of sweet resistance was fair, the grid clean a given with Joela grid with a remarkable nine double EEs. Plus a cross that for me, at least, perfectly expresses something I've probably felt 25, Blogto 420 dating The negativity one is met with here on a near daily basis is simply exhausting. I check in less and less frequently and when I do I usually regret it.

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