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Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. As the only ones in the extended family who were based in Lahore, our home was always open to guests passing through the city for something or the other. But the one thing that I never had an answer to would be when someone pointed out the vibrancy inherent to Karachi because of the unparalleled diversity of its populace.

I would scoff about how all of those groups just wanted to kill each other all the time. Karachi korangi lovers dating videos this point, I am grateful that Abbasi chose to make a video, so that any arguments that his words have been mistranslated or manipulated can barely even get off the ground.

Because this claim of his is simply, absolutely, and completely W. I apologise for bringing facts into an argument that is based purely on emotion, but Karachi is that important.

Therefore, Karachi is more politically significant than any other city in Pakistan. Karachi has 42 seats in the Sindh Assembly, about a third of electable seats. Just by winning Karachi, a party is pretty much already eligible to make a coalition government and needs only 24 more seats to form an independent government.

This is some first class arrogance on display, folks. These claims are so wild that one struggles to even think of a cogent argument to refute them. Abbasi then says that if things stay the way they are in Karachi the horror! Remind me again, where was the television serial produced, you Karachi korangi lovers dating videos, the one that propelled you to fame? Undoubtedly, it can be argued that Karachi deserves better than the MQM.

Karachi knows what it needs to go on, because it knows how to go on.

Karachi is not Lahore or Islamabad, where the oppressive homogeneity of the population makes politics seem a zero-sum game. The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

Abbassi has said what is the reason of PT failure in Karachi.

They dont see karachi beyond DHA and Clifton. PTI Karachi leadership cannot tell you on a map where is Banaras and where is Hijri, thy cannot offer a solution to the problems. Zainab - Although Hamza's video wasn't even worth a watch, you did a great job in destroying his arrogant and blatantly ignorant comments on Karachi.

Being a Karachi-wala, I salute you. Let's all pray that Karachi returns to its former glory. Only we Karachiites with our combined efforts can bring it back to life!!! Apart from " Karachi is not Lahore or Islamabad, where the oppressive Karachi korangi lovers dating videos of the population makes politics seem a zero-sum game.

I am a Punjabi born and brought up in Karachi. MQM is the sole political party which has sent middle class people to the senate and in assemblies Farooq sattar was the youngest mayor of history elected in 80's from MQM There are thousands of projects which were completed in mustufa kamal's era Zainab Imam, very well written.

We have genuine lack of exposure to our own country. Those who have not crossed Clifton Bridge in their lives like to comment on the politics of Multan, Faisalabad and Swat. Likewise, those who have never seen a Saree or a Pyjama believe they are the authority on solutions for ethnic animosity in Karachi. We need to explore our country more and understand the sub-cultures that exist. I hope this will make us more objective and most importantly, tolerant.

I think its just sour grapes because they lost hands down! I also think his rant maybe done Karachi korangi lovers dating videos the behest of Imran just made things so much worse for him. Money controls everything and Karachi is where most of the money is.


Even if Karachi is not as politically important as Lahore, it is still an economic hub for a country ridden with a plethora of economic issues.

Not long ago, during a gathering of friends abroad, I met a person from Karachi who had visited Lahore after some years, for his business assignment.

What he mentioned during conversation about Lahore was amazing.

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He said in his utter bewilderment, "Yar, I saw smiles everywhere on the faces of Lahore people! If "Karachi knows that it needs to go on, because it knows how Karachi korangi lovers dating videos go on", it must must help the real custodians of security and organs responsible for ensuring peace and harmony. A well thought article. PTI is like message in famous Mission Impossible series which is self destructible, it will eventually vanish due to its own leaders and pundits like Hamza.

Karachi need to become a vibrant city by joining it self to main stream political party.

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Karachi is isolated from national politics that is why is being ignored by even provisional PPP regime. Well Lahore and Islamabad are indeed more or less homogeneous and they do not suffer from the competing interests between different ethnicities that are faced by the Karachi korangi lovers dating videos of Karachi. I have not yet seen the video but if people really do not realise the importance of Karachi then that is really a shame.

Karachi is the economic hub of the country, when Karachi comes to a standstill it really hurts the economy of the country. This is the case even when the true potential of the city has not been realised. One of the few cities in the world which has a steel mill so close to the port, it has huge man power both skilled and unskilled, the best medical university in the country.

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We should be encouraging more people to come and work in Karachi as the people of Karachi make Karachi what it is. It has given a lot of people opportunities to make a life for themselves. And lets not forget, with Karachi korangi lovers dating videos Karachi, Islamabad will not be the same Islamabad as people know now.

Saeed I'm sorry to inform you, Mr Saeed, that lots of us in Karachi smile I am an ex-Lahori, and happy yes, smiling that I chose to live in this vibrant and vital City by the Sea.

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