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Example of radio carbon dating lab


All necessary chemical and mechanical pretreatments of the submitted material are applied at the laboratory to isolate carbon 14, which may best represent the time event of interest. When interpreting the radiocarbon dating results, it is important to consider the pretreatments. Some samples cannot be fully pretreated, making their carbon 14 ages more subjective than samples that can be fully pretreated.

Some materials receive no pretreatments.

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The graphite is then analyzed for carbon 14 content in an accelerator mass spectrometer. The final result is corrected for isotopic fractionation then converted into a calendar-calibrated date.

Applicable calendar calibrations are included for organic materials and freshwater carbonates between 0 and 42, BP. If certain calibrations are not included with a report, the results were either too young, too old, or inappropriate for calibration.

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If you need to have your results recalibrated, please email us at lab radiocarbon. This ensures that as much as possible, any sample, laboratory or counting bias is accounted for in both the accuracy and quoted sigma.

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Once 2 or 3 measurements have been made, the lab then performs a weighted average age and error calculation and reports those values. As good as AMS machines are, simultaneous measurements of the 14C modern standard, sample, and blank cannot be done so small shifts up or down in the detection efficiency of the AMS over the course of the run will affect the accuracy of the result, which at times are outside of the smaller quoted sigma values possible.

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This is why Beta Analytic only quotes smaller errors by going through the additional effort and cost of running samples multiple times. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry AMS dating involves accelerating ions to extraordinarily high kinetic energies followed by mass analysis.

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