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Wu Dawei, 70, spent an unusually long five days in Seoul last week. Venezuela's crude-stained oil tankers.

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The last time Wu visited Pyongyang, in early February last year, his job was to urge restraint after North Korea announced a plan to put a satellite into orbit with a long-range rocket.

Two days after his return to Beijing, North Korea launched the rocket, widely viewed as a ballistic missile test in disguise, further ratcheting up tensions on the Korean peninsula.

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China has shown growing willingness to supplement diplomacy with enforcement of United Nations Security Council sanctions against its unpredictable neighbor across the Yellow Sea. It banned all coal imports from North Korea from Feb. Officially, however, China supports dialogue above all, leaving Wu the thankless job of trying to coax North Korea and its neighbors and rivals back to the negotiating table.

North Korea relies heavily on China for food and fuel and the vast majority of its exports go through China. Wu is a career diplomat and Japan expert who, according to South Korean officials, speaks little Korean and no English.

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The highlight of the Six Party era came shortly after Wu took up his position, when the sides reached an agreement for phased denuclearization of the peninsula in September That deal was soon scuppered, however, when North Korea carried out its first nuclear test in October then pulled out of the discussions in Since then, China has been most vocal in calling for their resumption. Wu dawei perfect dating china Donald Trump in a phone call last week.

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