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Ang dating daan boycott gma 7


Manila, Philippines August 15, — What did experts think about the dissent within the Iglesia ni Cristo? The INC is facing a crisis. Critics claim that the leaders of the group are wasting money citing the millions of pesos being spent for their airplane. The Boeing Business Jet is said to have been purchased 4 years ago at an estimated price of about P3. Yearly maintenance costs of these types of aircraft, according to those in the know, easily amount to from P3 million to P4 million.

This excludes fuel expenses. Added to this is abduction of ministers who were critical of the administration. There are allegedly no abductions happening. This is denied by the church. But they immediately excommunicated some critics including the mother and brother of the Executive Minister, Eduardo Manalo.

They even filed libel cases against the critics. Four sources have invariably discussed what is happening with the Iglesia ni Cristo through their own platform: The sect is usually secretive, he said. There is a need for transparency.

In other words, secrecy in the sect has contributed to their undoing. These are public issues, he said. A worldling is a Ang dating daan boycott gma 7 who is primarily concerned with worldly matters or material things. As applied with the Iglesia ni Cristo, the focus was on expansion — material at that, with the Philippine Arena giving the Ang dating daan boycott gma 7 point of assessment. Now, we come to a preacher.

What did he think about this INC crisis? It is a judgment from God says Bro. Only fanatics insist it is trial, and that corruption is being revealed only now. No, that church has been corrupt from the beginning, he says. What is obtaining now with the Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo is that in spite of their indoctrinated secrecy of what they do, a force from above is making those secrets surface.

Undoubtedly, it is the power of God! That group has long been practicing the act of covering up ugly matters inside their church, of bringing them down, and layering them into secrecy. But what they did to five PUP students in secret, for example, came out.

The Ang Dating Daan considers...

The dead bodies floated and were fished out from the muddy Pasig River!!!! See Supreme Courts Annotated, Vol. In an attempt to flush the killing off, the river was the supposed solution. But the bodies floated up to witness against the killers.

Can we say this is like the Cambrian Period where it is said there is a massive explosion of revelation? I do not believe in the Cambrian Period being an explosion. We cannot say that corruption in the Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo evolved! Since its inception, there are the corrupt practices of its ministers! It was earlier proven by a circular signed by Felix Manalo, first generation Executive or Presiding Minister, himself revealing the corrupt practices of his pioneering ministers.

On a circular Ang dating daan boycott gma 7 in the whole district of Leyte, July 25,Joven O.

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