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Lazy guys dating guidelines


However, I never touched on how modern men became a very lazy man in the first place. Technology is not the only culprit behind the rise of a lazy man, because not all men are focused on meeting a woman online. In fact, many men still meet women the old fashioned way — in places that range further than from behind their computer or smartphone. Technology has merely exposed what many women have been lamenting for years: A lazy man in Lazy guys dating guidelines pursuit of a woman and generally take the easiest route possible to do so.

This is an obvious recipe for disaster. From my non-scientific observations, most men are lazier in both their courting activities and their general willingness to court at all. There, I said it. How did this happen?

The only thing they desire is the company of a woman. This is not necessarily the same viewpoint men have of the action, but we recognize it is a necessary evil as a means to an end — meeting women. Compare your younger observations with a club; lounge; or happening Lazy guys dating guidelines where marriageable-aged people frequent. As we get older and our station in life improves, men start to become, you guessed it, lazier.

In our mids, we found we spent Lazy guys dating guidelines and less time in the sole pursuit of women. Some nights we were content simply heading out and having a good time. The experience became greater than the pursuit. But, as men, we had to find other measures of what defined a good time besides meeting large quantities of strange women with no future beyond hours.

They were right, too. In their minds, they had put in sufficient work in their younger days. Now that they were in a better place, their expectations of what they should be expected to do to meet women changed as well. Before, he was simply looking for a woman; whereas now he is looking for a wife, maybe.

Rather than pursue 10 women in which he might only have a moderate interest; he focuses on the one or two women he has a definite interest in. Since men and women continue to marry later and later in life, the lazy man might be here to stay. Another topic for another day…. Why or why not? I hear you Stanley. It does make "Lazy guys dating guidelines" sense to become more selective as your status improves.

The lazy man and the aggressive woman go hand in hand. I do agree that todays men are far more lazy when it comes to the pursuit of women. And its for the precise reason you mentioned…. Men are the minority on this planet. A good man is a rarity. So if you look the part you are a hot commodity and WILL be pursued by women.

Lazy Man: In the Beginning

Problem is thats not the way the system was designed to work. A man should pursue a woman. Its "He who finds a wife finds a good thing". Not "she who finds a husband".

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I believe there is a remedy to this though. It will take women to revert back to the old ways. To take back Lazy guys dating guidelines mindset and belief that "if you want me then you must pursue ME".

It will take them knowing their self worth and waiting for a man who Lazy guys dating guidelines it and comes for her. And a lady doesn't chase after a man". Because as long as women continue to gro more aggressive in pursuit of men, men wil become lazier and lazier.

I think its more caution, having seen the predecessors and the results. My parents married at 21, me at 21 I couldn't say I was even thinking about the idea. I saw what happened to them as years wore on, my father perhaps regretting getting tied down before he Lazy guys dating guidelines a chance to live. At 24, I still don't see myself as ready, it's not that i'm too lazy to commit but i'm just cautious. As far as courting, we've all gone all in on a woman only to fail so of course we're going to dial it back or try to get her with as little effort and vested emotion as possible.

Women been more aggressive, they are looking up at seconds tick away and they still need to score. They have long given up on finding a provider and started getting their own careers. They have given up on fathers and raised children on their own. However companionship is another thing entirely, BOB can't kiss you like this, and that's where the lazy man comes in. Women want men for less and less and in part that's all men are going to offer. There isn't a rulebook that states what a relationship should be, what courting should be.

There's some women who have no problem with the lazy man, while others settle for him. Some would say women are giving up their power and should hold themselves to a higher standard but that's their life let them do them.

I believe men should approach, initiate courtship, be chivalrous, provide, protect, commit, that's what I aim to do, power to me.

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