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Athens georgia dating free artwork of rhinosinusitis treatment


Here is a portion of her resume:. Erin McIntosh is an artist and educator living in Athens, Georgia. Erin has been teaching in higher education since She actively exhibits her paintings in solo and group exhibitions regionally and nationally. I find so much joy in moving paint around. I love to explore color and composition through painting a range of subjects that are biomorphic or geometric in nature.

Many of my recent paintings are inspired by biological sciences and the microscopic world. The paintings I make are process-driven, poetic, playful and constructed through improvisation.

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My interest in abstraction is not only in its visual form but also in how visual form communicates sensorial meaning, non-verbally, akin to that of instrumental music. By making a painting, I want to add something to the world that uplifts. Gregg Irby Gallery also represents two other amazing awesome client friends, Michelle Armas and Raven Roxanneand I am surprised that it has taken me this long to actually be in the space in Athens georgia dating free artwork of rhinosinusitis treatment. Not only is the space itself, the structure of it, so beautiful, but it is filled with gorgeous paintings that are somehow so unique and distinct, but are so relaxed in conversation with each other, perfectly grouped and arranged on the walls, creating an atmosphere that could not be more perfect.

Creating Gregg Irby Gallery has become the fulfillment of her lifelong dream. Growing up in South Carolina, Gregg was enchanted by the art her mother Athens georgia dating free artwork of rhinosinusitis treatment and as she grew, art was never far from her mind.

She saw the true need for a gallery that could help to discover and present new artists, foster and cultivate their talent, and provide them with an unpretentious and accessible place to show their work. Inshe began working with a handful of artists and offering their work at private shows across the Southeast. After a string of successful shows in Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, Nashville, and Jacksonville, Gregg knew she was onto something.

Collectors responded to her low-key approach to presenting art in relaxed, gracious settings — and to her talented eye. Her original gallery opened in in a small cottage behind a church in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Visitors to her gallery immediately noticed and appreciated these talented rising stars of the art world.

We truly love all of the work that we represent, and the gallery has become a curated collection of artistic styles that complement each other. This results in a Athens georgia dating free artwork of rhinosinusitis treatment client base that returns time and time again to build a collection of their own, mixing and combining different styles.

I had admired these artists from afar, never daring to think I would one day photograph them, and that they would appreciate my work much as I do theirs. Their work gives me a larger, greater perspective than the narrow place I sometimes find myself in.

This body of work came out of a great emptying and a great replenishment. I believe we and all of Creation are inherently vessels, and this body of work is a testament to that nature. There exists no greater calling than to be a container; to properly fulfill this role one must be willing to be hollow in order to be full. My role in these pieces of art was just as a vessel for their creation, and they are vessels within themselves.

One act of creation is a reflection of all of Creation. It is no coincidence that so much that is seen here is somewhere between: I hope this work of my hands and Heart is a reminder that life came from Life, as light from Light, and this Cycle is unending. I am ever-grateful to be a vessel. These are some of the photographs of that workshop, and I really enjoyed working with David again.

Also, participating in this workshop was artist Emmi Walkerwho is in the process of completing art school at Lamar Dodd School of Art. Katy Van Wyk and I did a super fun, impromptu styled shoot with their stunning knives yesterday, and I could not be happier with how they turned out. These are people that I love dearly, and could not have more respect for their work and craftsmanship.

Every time I work with them, I feel honored and respected. I had the opportunity to do a custom shoot for Swisher Sweets Outlaw brand cigars, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

My family had the opportunity to accompany my on a work-cation the only kind of vcations we get to take at this phase of life, but I'm not complaining. My time with Callie and Bonnie could hardly be called work, though we did some heavy learning and a ton of shooting.

The friendship they share and the way they welcomed me into their conversation and lives was heart warming. I always feel so supported when in the company of other positive, creative women. I also wanted to mention, briefly, that teaching is something I absolutely love to do.

I am planning a Skillshare course, but the value of one-on-one or smaller group mentoring and consulting is huge. It gives me the opportunity to sit down with a client, honestly encourage them and gently critique their work, and walk through where they want to be and how to get there.

Before the meeting, I send the client a detailed questionnaire to get super familiar with their existing work and future goals.

If this is something that interests you, I cannot say enough about the value of investing in knowledgeable mentorship. It may only be a couple or a few hours, but this packs years of experience and research mine into a short period of time yours that will guide you for years to "Athens georgia dating free artwork of rhinosinusitis treatment." I sincerely hope that y'all have the best holiday season possible, and that you're able to have some time for reflection and gratitude.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays: I had the honor recently of working again with artist Erin McIntosh. She's an incredibly talented woman, creating fine art out of her studio and teaching her painting craft to students. I photographed her in studio several years ago, and she is just as kind, warm, and welcoming as she was in the past.

I am always thankful to have opportunities working with women who are making their way as creative professionals - it is inspiring to see their work, spaces, routines, and individual take on living and working productively. This was certainly one of those occasions. Taken from their website. Curated by Adrienne Antonson of STATEthe catalog features clothing, accessories, home goods, artwork, and more, delivered right to your door.

The goals of the catalog are simple: Our intention is for the Secret Catalog to be an experience. Along with gorgeous photo spreads of covetable goods, it also contains extra stories and treasures we hope will surprise and delight. After all, the keen anticipation of waiting for an exciting piece of mail is a feeling we all know and love. Each issue, we invite designers and artists to make work exclusively for the catalog.

The catalog is a wild and free creative space that aspires to motivate our collaborators to take risks and to try something new. The results are pure magic as each issue has grown bigger and better than the one before. I wrote previously about the Athens georgia dating free artwork of rhinosinusitis treatment of working with Adrienne and her team, all of whom are talented artists in their own right. But also, notably, I loved seeing so many friends from Athens bring their little people to Thomson to be part of the shoot, and to meet new friends with beautiful kids, all of whom were a delight to work with.

Shoots and experiences like this remind me why I started photographing in the beginning - the opportunity to meet and connect with other creative people, see their spaces and beautiful work, and be able to take some part of that with me by means of my own artistic medium. Even as I pursue more time spent in learning the craft of weaving and sewing garments, photography will always, always be an integral part of who I am and how I see.

It will always be my life's work. I've been in the process of converting my youngest daughter's bedroom into a studio, because she rarely makes use of it, and sleeps with us rather than in her crib. It's a beautiful, light-filled space, with tall ceilings Athens georgia dating free artwork of rhinosinusitis treatment huge windows.

It is slowly coming together, but every step I take toward affirming myself as a multi-disciplined artist and making the commitments to simply do the work one step at a time, I feel more assurance and confidence that I am doing what I truly love - making beautiful things.

I'll be back soon to share some photographs I shot with a dear friend for an amazing local female-owned business. But I wanted to post these, because they show both of these elements - Side Project and Normaltown Moto - in conversation with each other because the combination is so fitting. We have a Side Project board, and it is amazing to watch the girls learn their way around the board, mostly through the halls of our house for now, but soon they'll be graduating to skating out in the wild.

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