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Helianthus sunny snsd dating


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Posted 14 June - Singin' in the Rain Musical Videos after her musical. Singin' in the Rain is the musical which I worked with really nice staff and actors!! Hope it will become better and better!!

No Ads, No Songs https: Sunny said she likes B1A4's "What's going on? She doesn't know exactly why she likes it, and suggested that maybe it was because their promotion periods overlapped with each other.

Sunny doesn't really wear that much makeup, so she does not care much about makeup for herself during free time. Only for Helianthus sunny snsd dating, she has all the stylists do all the makeups for her. So she naturally gets easily bored when Tiffany takes her to go shopping and woudl tell her "Fany-ya, just do it quickly" or "Be it simple". But then when Tiffany buys something for Sunny, Sunny would be thankful and soon stop complaining. Sunny likes little kids, but she has hard time dealing with those kids who are just before the kindergarten age, as they tend to get irritating at that age, according to her experience.

Sunny likes going to other people's blogs, but will likely run a blog for herself. Plus, she said she's not the type to take pictures of food before eating it. She once took a picture of a meal she was enjoying, but she took it while the eating process has progressed too much. She uploaded the picture on Soshi chatting room, and the members told her to upload pictures "Helianthus sunny snsd dating" meal when it was still recognizable, LOL.

She finally played itttt! Posted 15 June - Helianthus sunny snsd dating good with [body] 'technique' Sunny: Love is with the heart.

Heart is a technique. The body is a technique too. Don't go too far, kids are listening too. You're talking about holding hands and walking together, that kind of 'body technique' right? Yes, and also the pecks on the cheek. I have no know hows, just instincts and experiences. Yeah, it does seems you don't have any know hows. I came here to seduce you! But right now, it's time to be professional.

The question to make Simon D quiet: Do you ever text your ex 'are you sleeping? How many times have you done it to forget? I've had a lot of relationships. I came here with a dating mood.

I feel like I'm dating now. Give me your belly, I'll take it home. This is just a rough translation to demonstrate how Sunny handled herself amidst offhanded, unprepared comments.

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