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Imgur giraffe dating website

Login & Initial Onboard Process

Hey imgur, Usually I do these updates solely through e-mail but I've had quite a lot of imgurians complain that they they either don't get the e-mail or want to see how the site moves forward before signing up. There are a lot of visual changes happening so it seemed appropriate to post here.

If you don't know what Social Savanna is.

It's a Social network built just for imgurians by imgurians, we started end of February and have just short of 45, imgurians signed up! We're slowly but surely cleaning up the interface and making it more minimalist. It doesn't seem like much but it opens the site up much more. We wanted to make more ways for you guys to find each other in real life or find like minded people so we've spent some time and added a few Imgur giraffe dating website options to the find imgurians area.

Also we've made the searches much more refined so you can find imgurians in your age range. There is still a lot to come from this area. We're also currently integrating some of the game networks making it easier for you all to use this as a way of connecting with like minded people. Kitty Cam isn't for everyone so we've added a few more Imgur giraffe dating website options.

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