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As a thunderstorm finally breaks and sunlight reappears, the gold-toned costume jewelry laid out in rows in a photo studio in Paris begins to glow.

A little eccentric, tough but not butch, a slightly hippie-roots thing, but refined. Alongside the oversize cocktail rings is a solitaire fashioned out of crumpled tinfoil. Sadly, his contribution would not make it into the pictures.

Sometimes he puts it on. Most designers dress simply, saving their more directional work for the runway.

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Ramsay-Levi is cut from more rambunctious cloth. Head-to-toe anything, whether designer or seasonal, is a rarity for her. This newfound simplicity is relative. Clearly, minimalism is not her ethos. I also have my basement, and my parents have a house in the South of France and I use their attic. Ramsay-Levi was raised near Montparnasse, in Paris, and studied history at school.

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